How to Recover Accidentally Deleted WiFi Adapter Driver

I accidentally deleted my WiFi adapter driver thinking it was one of the other drives I intended to delete. And my laptop shows network anomalies now. Can it be recovered?

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Dany· Answered on Mar 30, 2023

Suppose your computer shows network anomalies because you accidentally deleted your wireless adapter driver or removed the drivers for the adapter. In that case, the effective ways to recover accidentally deleted WiFi adapter drivers are as follows:

Step 1. Click 'Start', type system, and open system information to the system model page.

Step2. If you can connect via Ethernet cable, connect to the Internet via Ethernet cable.

Step 3. Retrieve your Ethernet diver in your model's download page.

If that isn't an option, a system restore may help:

  • Click 'Start', type control panel,​​​​​​ and click on it.
  • Search 'recovery' and hit enter. When it comes up, click on recovery.
  • Click the 'open system restore' option, and click 'click for more restore points'.
  • Choose a restore point, and follow the prompts to restore your system.

Please note that all your files and photos will be acceptable, but applications you've installed since the point you're returning to will be removed. If your data is lost after restoring your system, I recommend a third-party software EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard to recover data.

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Step 1. Open EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard on your computer. Click the drive where you lost files and click 'Scan'.

Step 2. The software will scan the deleted files immediately and then automatically perform a deep scan to find more lost files. After completing the scan, you can use 'Filter' to filter specific file types.

Step 3. Click the 'Preview' button or double-click on a file for a full preview. Finally, select the desired files, click 'Recover' and choose a safe location to save all the files simultaneously.

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