Factory Reset vs. Format, Can You Tell Me the Difference?

Is formatting the C disk and reinstalling Windows 10 the same as a factory reset? Can anyone answer the question and tell their differences? Thanks.

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Cici· Answered on Jan 05, 2024

Factory reset and format C drive are two ways to clean and remove data from a device. But they also have some differences. So let's take a look.

Factory Settings: This way will delete all data and restores the computer to the state in which it was first purchased. And the data cannot be recovered. Most OEM vendors make factory settings a feature. This method is usually used when reselling. 

Restoring factory settings will erase user data and settings, after which you will need to reinstall the program and run Windows Update.

Methods for setting factory reset: How to Factory Reset PC Without Losing Data in Windows

Format C drive: It is to erase the data on the C disk, which can free up disk space and solve some important problems on the disk. After formatting, some data can be recovered using professional tools. Formatting is usually done using Windows built-in tools like Diskpart or Disk Manage or a third-party tool, such as EaseUS Partition Master Free.

Formatting overwrites the contents of the drive, after which the operating system needs to be followed again.

Methods to format C drive: How to Format C Drive in Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7? 

Either method will update Windows to the latest version. Restoring the factory settings will keep the operating system. Formatting the C drive will require reinstalling the operating system. You can perform data wiping according to your needs.

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