Can I Transfer Files and Data From Windows 10 to A New Computer with Windows 11

Can I use a backup and recovery tool to transfer all files and data from a Windows 10 computer to a new Windows 11 computer? Or is there an easier method to accomplish this? I'm sorry if the question is stupid, but I'm not a geek. Can someone help me get everything transferred to a new Windows 11 PC? Thanks!

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Oliver· Answered on Jan 28, 2024

Sure, you can transfer all files and data from Windows 10 to a new Windows 11 computer if you use the right tool.

Simply copying programs, files, and other data to an external hard drive may not succeed in transferring everything since certain registries and entries will not be able to join the process. In addition, backup and recovery will take hours to complete the whole procedure if you have too much data.

Therefore, I want to recommend a user-friendly tool - EaseUS Todo PCTrans Free. It allows you to directly transfer programs, files, and accounts from the old computer to the new computer with a few simple clicks. With this tool, you don't have to go through those complex steps, and everything on your Windows 10 PC can be moved to your new Windows 11 PC.

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Support Windows 11/10/8/7

You can follow the steps below to accomplish the task:

Step 1. Download and open EaseUS Todo PCTrans on both computers.

Step 2. Select "PC to PC" and choose "New" or "Old" for your computers.

Step 3. Ensure both computers are on the same LAN, and then enter the password or verification code to connect them. Choose the right transmission direction and hit "Connect."

Step 4. Select what you want to transfer in "Applications," "Files," and "Accounts." Then, click "Transfer" to begin the migration.

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