Will I Lose my Files if I Change from HDD to SSD?

I have bought an SSD and want to install my Windows on the SSD. To do so, I need to replace the HDD with the SSD. Will I lose my files if I change from HDD to SSD?

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Jerry· Answered on Feb 22, 2023

Yes, you will lose your files on the HDD if you change from an HDD to an SSD. But if you choose to back up your HDD or clone your HDD to SSD, you can keep everything on the HDD.

Changing from HDD to SSD is not like RAM; you remove one chip and insert another, then power on, but everything is OK. You should copy your data from one disk to the other to have everything. If you just remove the old disk and replace it, you will lose not only your files but your operating system (OS) and programs installed on it.

If you want to change from an HDD to an SSD without losing files, you can achieve this in many ways, such as using SSD built-in software and third-party disk cloning utility. For example, you can use Samsung Magician if you have a Samsung SSD, and you can use DiscWizard if you have a Seagate SSD.

Besides, there are many third-party disk cloning software. These cloning programs allow you to make an exact copy of an HDD on a new SSD if the SSD has enough capacity to keep everything on your HDD. EaseUS Disk Copy is one of the best choices for you.

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EaseUS Disk Copy is a powerful cloning utility. Therefore, it can meet your needs whether you want to clone your HDD or change from HDD to SSD. It can also help you clonesystems, partitions, etc. Furthermore, it also enables you to clone a hard drive in WIndows 11.

You will lose your files if you change from HDD to SSD without taking any measures. But as long as you properly clone your HDD to SSD, you can still use your PC without losing any files or having to reinstall Windows and programs.

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