Why Is System Restore Disabled in Windows 10?

In the past, I often used system restore to fix faulty program installations, failed updates, etc. The tool proved to be quite helpful. I've saved much time by rolling back the system to a previous time. Why is my system restore disabled in Windows 10? Is there any alternative to System Restore?

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Jerry· Answered on Feb 22, 2023

The system restore is disabled for many reasons. The primary reason is that system restore is disabled by default in Windows 10. Other reasons can be:

  • There isn't enough room on smaller devices with only 16 or 32GB of storage for a system restore file.
  • Windows 10 has in-place upgrades, but this conflicts in some way with System Restore, so it is disabled.

Besides, the system restore will sometimes take a long time on Windows. The reasons behind this are that the system restore gets interrupted; the old backup is too big; the system crashes, and the hard drive is full. Therefore, using Windows built-in tools is not your best choice.

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System restore is disabled in Windows 10 for many reasons, and you can easily fix it. But EaseUS Todo Backup is an excellent alternative to system restore. With it, you will not face some tricky problems.

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