Which Is Better Cloud Storage or External Hard Drive?

I use an external HDD to back up my laptop's data; however, the HDD just stopped working. It was suggested that I buy an external SSD, but after doing some research, I discovered that SSDs have a lifespan similar to HDDs. I want to know if I should keep buying external hard drives to back up my data or buy cloud storage. Any suggestions?

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Jerry· Answered on Oct 18, 2023

Either will work great. It is a matter of personal preference.

Everyone should know how important it is to back up data to reduce the risks of data loss. But for many individuals, how to back up files is not nearly clear. External hard drives and cloud storage are the two options for storing digital data. And both storage options have stark advantages and disadvantages.

Positives of external hard drive

  • Cheaper.
  • More secure.

Negatives of external hard drive

  • Risk of failure.
  • Not easy to share files.

Positives of Cloud storage

  • Easy sharing.
  • No risk of failure.

Negatives of Cloud storage

  • Requiring Internet access.
  • Not as secure as offline drives.

A hard disk is effectively portable insurance that you can carry with you. There is no denying that using an external device is a wise choice, even though the idea might seem archaic now that cloud storage is so popular.

Cloud storage is a new type of backup storage service with many capabilities that can completely alter the process of backing up your data. Since it is done online, the systems are compact and flexible to meet the individual demands of users and any files or information they wish to save. Users will benefit from improved file encryption and the flexibility to access backups anytime, whether they pertain to files from two hours or two months ago.

But how to back up your data on my PC to the Cloud or an external drive? Undoubtedly, using third-party backup software is the most effective and easy-to-use method. Professional backup software like EaseUS Todo Backup can help you back up data to Cloud and an external hard drive in a few simple clicks. It can also enable you to back up external hard drives to Cloud. Most importantly, it can offer you 250G free Cloud storage.

From where I stand, I prefer to use Cloud storage over the external hard drive for its high convenience and security. Users can choose one or both of them according to their needs.

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