Should You Backup System Files to the Recovery Drive?

I tried to create a recovery drive for my Windows 10 PC, and during the process, I received an error: We cannot create the recovery drive: A problem occurs while creating the recovery drive. With some online searches, I found that a common way to fix this error is to un-check the backup system files to the recovery drive before creating a recovery drive. Therefore, I want to know if I should back up the system files to the recovery drive.

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Jerry· Answered on Nov 17, 2023

The answer can be "Yes" or "No".

On the one hand, since system files are typically in use and the OS won't operate on them while they are, they cannot be copied anywhere. And recovery drives have a limited size. They are often relatively modest in size since they only store the system files required to restore the boot disk. On the other hand, backing up the system files to the recovery drive enables you to recover from the drive in the Windows recovery environment when encountering severe problems.

When you are doing a "bare metal" backup, backing up the system files for Windows 10 is always considered a good practice. But is there any tool to help back up the system files to the recovery drive? The answer is in the affirmative. You can use third-party backup software. Under such circumstances, EaseUS Todo Backup will be your choice.

EaseUS Todo Backup is an all-in-one backup and recovery software. It can be used on Windows 11/10/8/7 and allows you to back up your files, systems, disks, and partitions. This backup software has powerful functions. It enables you to create various backups, such as automatic, scheduled, full, incremental, and differential backups, and store them in different locations, such as the local disk, NAS, Security Zone, and Cloud. Besides, it also enables you to back up PC game saves and back up your C drive to an external hard drive.

EaseUS Todo Backup is an excellent choice to help you back up the system files to a recovery drive. Why not try it?

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