How to Delete System Restore Points Windows 7

On my Windows 7 computer, I've used up 25 GB of space on my C: drive for system restore points. However, as time passed, the system automatically generated five restore points while deleting the ones that came before. So how can I delete system restore points in Windows 7?

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Jerry· Answered on Dec 20, 2023

System restore is undoubtedly one of the most valuable functions in Windows since it allows users to roll back their PC to a previous state in case of an emergency. Unfortunately, powerful as it is, you occasionally need to remove system restore points in Windows 11/10/8/7.

There are different ways to delete system restore points in Windows. Here, I will share 2 commonly used ways.

  • Select System protection from the left-hand bar under Control Panel > System > System.
  • Click Configure after selecting the System Disk from the System Properties Settings menu.
  • Select "Delete all restore points" here (this includes system settings and previous versions of files).
  • Select Apply/OK.

The old restore points will get deleted.

Another way is using disk cleanup.

To do so, type "disk cleanup" into the Windows search box. Open it and request a drive from you. Choose C to continue it. Open the pop-up window later, then click the "Clean up system files" button. When prompted to select a drive, choose C drive and proceed. The same popup as before will display, but this one has an additional tab called More Options, where you can delete a restore point under the heading "System Restore and Shadow Copies."

System restore points cannot be used to fix a computer that won't boot. It doesn't save every aspect of your computer's status; a snapshot is kept. Only a system backup will restore your computer at this time. 

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