Can You Clone HDD While it Is Running?

I have my PC's operating system on an HDD. I want to replace the HDD with an SSD. How can I clone the HDD to the SSD? Can I clone an HDD while Windows is running?

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Jerry· Answered on Dec 28, 2022

Yes, you can clone an HDD while running Windows.

The following are some common reasons why we choose to clone a disk.

  • Users don't have to wait while hard disks are copied.
  • The user can end the clone if something unexpected occurs quickly.
  • To make the cloning more convenient, avoid rebooting into Windows PE or PreOS mode after that.

Although numerous cloning programs are available, most of them need that Windows to be restarted after the cloning is finished. As a result, the entire cloning procedure is labor-intensive and inefficient.

Cloning tools typically use cold cloning to move data from one disk to another, commonly called cold migration. Thus, you must choose a cloning program that uses the hot clone method, which enables users to clone disks and drives while Windows is running if you wish to copy a hard drive or drive on a Windows computer or virtual machine.

The EaseUS Todo Backup may significantly assist you in making the cloning procedure more convenient and straightforward. It has Hot Clone technology, allowing users to clone drives while Windows still runs without restarting.

EaseUS Todo Backup is a professional and practical backup and restore tool. It also has a powerful cloning feature, which lets you clone HDD to SSD, clone a hard drive in Windows 11, and clone SSD to HDD. Besides, it allows you to create hot backups, thus allowing you to back up while the system is running. It also enables you to automatically create a backup of your files, system, disks, partitions, etc., and save the backups to various locations, such as the local disks, Security Zone, NAS, and Cloud.

You can clone an HDD while it is running. To do so, you must use a professional cloning tool with hot cloning functions.

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