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Have you ever wondered if a wireless network switch exists? The advancement in networking technology in recent years has made many people consider the possibilities of going beyond traditional networking via switches and routers.

In this article, you will learn what wireless network switches are if they exist and how it is expected to function if such exist.

What Is a Wireless Network Switch?

From the knowledge of a regular network switch, the wireless network switch can be considered a device connecting various IT devices (such as servers, routers, other controllers, printers, and PCs) within a single Local Area Network without the physical input/ output ports or RJ45 cables.

This technology differs from the usual network switch because it uses the wireless network to achieve the same purpose as a regular network switch. In addition, unlike the traditional network switches, there is no limitation to the number of ports connected to them.

Hence, it has many advantages over its traditional counterpart, making it reliable and budget-friendly, especially in an enterprise setting. Information and resource sharing is seamless, using each device's MAC addresses.

Why Are There No Wireless Switches?

Despite the technological advancement and level of civilization in the world today, there are presently no wireless network switches. There are many reasons this technology is still in the development pipeline. Let’s take a look at some of those reasons:

  1. The functions of a network switch are enormous, and forcing all of that functionality (without the regular fiber cables and input/ output ports) into a virtual overlay requires in-depth research, resource, and technicality.
  2. Wireless network switches must beat the fiber optics speed to gain significant relevance. At the moment, fiber optic still offers one of the best connectivity. Some network switches use fiber optic connectivity to send data packets from one device to another in the same network.
  3. Other dependent technologies will become extinct with a wireless network switch in vogue. Different network types (Ethernet, RapidIO, ITU-T, 802.11, ATM, Fibre Channel) that could be connected in a single network will become almost impossible.
  4. Security attacks may also increase because everything is connected to one network. An entry into any device is a total compromise on the whole system.
  5. Other operational benefits like network intrusion detection, firewall, and performance analysis modules with the regular network switch will be suspended or added later as an update to the technology.

Final Words

In conclusion, whether wireless network switches exist or not, there is no harm in speculating what this technology will look like. This article has helped bridge the gap between the traditional and the wireless network switch. Now, you are confident about what a wireless network switch is and why they do not exist at the moment.

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