5 Ways to Transfer Files from Computer to iPhone/iPad without iTunes

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Duke Updated on Oct 28, 2019 to iPhone Data Transfer | How-to Articles

Applies to transfer files between iPad and iPhone with iOS 13.1/13/12.4/12/11 or older iOS systems.

Method 1. Use EaseUS MobiMover (PC & Mac)
Method 2. Use iCloud Drive (PC & Mac)
Method 3. Use E-mail (PC & Mac)
Method 4. Try AirDrop (Mac only)
Method 5. Try online drives (PC & Mac)

You may have a lot of important data on your computer, however, you cannot carry a PC or Mac in your pocket and take it everywhere you go. Therefore, transferring files from PC to your handy iPhone/iPad is quite necessary when you need to view the files on your computer for work or any other important things during the break time.

Talking about how to transfer files from computer to iPhone, iTunes is a common choice. But it has too many problems, and you may have to deal with an iTunes error during transfer, like Error -54, or -69. What's more, we have found that lots of users are complaining about iTunes running slow. So, how do you transfer files from computer to iPhone/iPad without iTunes? Read on and check the following five effective tips.

Method 1. EaseUS MobiMover iPhone Data Transfer

If you are finding the best iTunes alternative to copying data from the computer (PC & Mac) to iPhone, you can't miss EaseUS MobiMover, one of the top-ranked iOS data manager. With this tool, you can easily transfer data between the iOS device and computer or between two iOS devices and manage iOS files with all-around solutions.  To be specific, you can back up your iOS device to the computer in a viewable way, transfer data from iPhone to iPhone directly without iCloud, and add contents to iPhone/iPad without iTunes. 

Why is EaseUS MobiMover recommended

  • Support to move as many files as you want from computer to your iPhone/iPad without the space limitation of iCloud or other online drivers
  • Support to transfer photos/videos/music/books at a fast speed without the size limit of Email
  • Support to copy various data between iPhone/iPad and PC/Mac, not limited to Mac supported by AirDrop 
  • Provide 100% safe means to transfer and manage your iOS data in 1-click
  • Edit notes with the easy-to-operate keyboard on the computer

Having got the basic understanding of MobiMover? Now, let's download MobiMover by clicking the button below and begin to transfer files from PC or Mac to your iPhone in an easier way than ever. 

 Download It for PC
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 Download It for Mac
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Step 1. Connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer and tap "Trust" on your device to continue. Start EaseUS MobiMover and navigate to the "PC to Phone" mode. Click "Select Files" to move on.

how to transfer data from computer to iDevice - step 1

Step 2. Now choose the files you want to transfer. After choosing the desired files, click "Open".

how to transfer data from computer to iDevice - step 2

Step 3. All selected files will display on the right pane, with detailed file names and file sizes for you to preview. If you want to add more items at this step, click "Add Contents" or directly drag files to the appointed area. In the end, click "Transfer" to begin to import data from computer to iPhone or iPad at a fast speed. When the process finishes, go to the corresponding location and open applications to view the transferred data.

how to transfer data from computer to iDevice - step 3

Method 2. Use iCloud Drive on PC and Mac

The iCould Drive is available for PC running Win 7/8/10 and Mac with macOS or later, or OS X Yosemite. Once the iCloud Drive is enabled on your computer and iOS device, you can view the updated files on your iPhone or iPad.


1. The iCould Drive does not technically transfer the files to the device. It's like opening a gate on your computer and you can read or edit your files with certain Apps on your devices. Most Apps support this function.

2. Please note that the free version of iCloud has a 5 GB limitation

If you really need to save the files on your iPhone to check them without network or space limitation, skip to Method 1 and try EaseUS MobiMover.

Step 1: Download iCloud drive from the Apple iCloud website.

Step 2: Sign in and finish the installation.

Step 3: Find the iCould Drive folder on your computer.

Step 4: Open the files with the App on the iPad or iPhone.

how to transfer photos from PC to iPhone

Method 3. Apply E-mail to transfer files

This is really the easiest way to transfer files to iPad or iPhone by sending yourself an email. You don't even have to write a subject, just an address would be enough.

Using this method, you can not only transfer files from PC to your iPhone/iPad but also transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone. But the problems with this method is also quite obvious too. There are many limitations: the size of the files, the delay because of the network, and other issues. If you don't want to have these issues, EaseUS MobiMover is a smart choice. 

Step 1: Add the files to your email as attachments.

Step 2: Check the mail on your iPhone or iPad and you can download the attachments to your device. 

Method 4. Try AirDrop to transfer files between Mac and iPhone/iPad

AirDrop is a pre-installed utility on your Mac and iOS device to provide you a wireless way to sync data between the two. You can AirDrop photos from iPhone to Mac, or other files in the vice versa. Due to the device compatibility, if you only have Windows computer and demand for files transfer from PC to iPhone, jump to Method 1 and use MobiMover to help you do it with ease. 

Step 1: Open Airdrop and turn on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on both Mac and iPhone.

Step 2: For a device which is not in your contacts, please enable "Allow me to be discovered by".

Step 3: Drag the file to the Airdrop window, or use the function "Share".

How to transfer files to iPhone/iPad without iTunes

Method 5. Copy files with other online drives

In addition to the iCloud Drive mentioned above, there are many kinds of other cloud drives that can be helpful, such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Most of these cloud drives have free trials or free amounts of space, and the limitations for the free versions are usually acceptable, too. So, this could be another good choice for transferring files from computer to iPhone but it will be highly influenced by the network you are using.

Step 1: Upload your files to the cloud drive from the computer.

Step 2: Find the App of this cloud drive or open the site on the iPad/iPhone directly.

Step 3: Download files to your mobile devices.

How to transfer files from PC to iPad/iPhone without iTunes

Words in the end

It is indispensable for you to transfer files from PC to the iPhone whenever you want to copy important photos, videos, books, and music, etc., from computer to your iOS device. Without iTunes, you can transfer through AirDrop, iCloud Drives, email, and a data transfer tool. Like we recommend, the most used and simple method to transfer data from computer to iPhone is through EaseUS MobiMover due to its ease of use and no file size limitation.