How to Download Voice Memos from iPhone without iTunes in 2 Ways

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Daisy Updated on Jan 08, 2020 to iPhone Data Transfer | How-to Articles

You can use the Voice Memos app on your iPhone to record many things, like an important conversation, the lecture you are practicing, an interesting chat, and so on. And generally speaking, after recording, you won’t want to delete them directly nor keep them on your iPhone all the time because of the limited storage space. At this time, download the iPhone voice memos from iPhone to your computer is a win-win situation.

The time when you plan to export the voice memos from iPhone, the first way you might think of is iTunes, the official and professional media management tool provided by Apple. But iTunes is not always user-friendly. It may wipe out all the data on your iPhone during the syncing process or take several hours to transfer a few files. So if you're tired of using iTunes and want to try other simple and convenient ways to download voice memos from iPhone, we'll show you the following two solutions to do it without iTunes. 

Email: Download voice memos from iPhone one-by-one

If you want to send a small size of voice memo from the iPhone to the computer, the simplest and quickest way is to use Email. But if you have too many voice memo files in big size, Email is not a smart choice anymore, and you could consider using EaseUS MobiMover - the professional iPhone Data Transfer Software mentioned in the second method.

Follow steps below to starting moving voice memos from iPhone without iTunes.

Step 1: Open Voice Memos app on your iPhone and choose the one(s) you want to export.

Step 2: Tap the "Share" icon, and select to send via email. Type your email address; then, the voice memos will be sent to Email as an attachment.

Step 3: Receive the Email on your computer and then download the file to a local file.

how to download voice memos from iPhone without iTunes

But in this way you can only export one voice memo at a time, which means you have to repeat the operation several times if there are multiple memos that need to be moved. Do you want to do this work efficiently and download voice memos in batches at one time? If Yes, move on and check how to accomplish by using EaseUS MobiMover.

MobiMover: Transfer voice memos from iPhone in batches or on the whole

EaseUS MobiMover is a professional iPhone data management program that enables users to back up files from iPhone to the computer in 1-click. You can choose to export the whole files at one time or just download some specific contents. What's more, data migration between two iOS devices and files syncing from the computer to the iPhone are also supported. No matter whether you want to transfer photos from one iPhone to another or add ringtones to iPhone without iTunes, you can easily get things done with the help of MobiMover.

What can EaseUS MobiMover transfer for you

  • Photos: Camera Roll, Photo Library, Photo Stream, Photo Videos
  • Videos: Movies, TV shows, Music Videos
  • Audios: Music, Ringtones, Voice Memos, Audiobooks
  • Others: Contacts, Notes, Messages, Voice Mails, Books, and Safari Bookmarks

You can save text messages from the iPhone to the computer using the similar steps shown below if you need to.

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Step 1. Connect your iPhone to the computer and run EaseUS MobiMover on your PC. 

Tap "Trust This Computer" on the iPhone screen and click "Content Management" on the main screen of EaseUS MobiMover.

Click "Audio" and select "Voice Memo" to continue.

how to transfer voice memo from iPhone to computer - step 1

Step 2. Select Voice Memos on your iPhone and set location on your PC to save the transferred voice memos.

Click "Voice Memos" to select desired items that you want to transfer from your iPhone to your computer.

And click "Settings" to navigate a safe location on your PC for saving the transferred items.

how to transfer voice memo from iPhone to computer - step 2

Step 3.  Click "Transfer to PC" to start transferring voice memo from iPhone to your PC.

Please don't disconnect the connection between your iPhone and the PC until the process accomplishes.

how to transfer voice memo from iPhone to computer - step 3

As mentioned above, MobiMover can not only help you transfer files from iPhone to the computer but also sync files between two different iOS devices like transfer contacts from one iPhone to another. What's more, EaseUS MobiMover will save all files in readable forms, and you can access them whenever you want.