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Editions History

Feb, 2022

  • EaseUS Disk Copy Pro 4.0
  • EaseUS Disk Copy Technician 4.0

New Features:

  • Solved the problem that in some scenarios the system cannot be started when cloned to SSD (caused by trim)
  • Fixed a problem when the system was made to USB that caused the target disk to be stuck
  • Resolved the issue of the system clone being unable to start without bcd bootmgr
  • Solved the problem of cloning a small disk to a large disk, but the adaptive layout would not be adjusted for partitions less than 1G
  • Resolved the issue where the partition would automatically move back to the end of the resize/move
  • Resolved the issue that partitions not being correctly selected when moving/resizing across disk systems
  • Fixed the problem that the GPT disk could only be moved to the 2T position if it was cloned to a disk above 2T
  • Fixed the problem that automatic layout does not work