Disable Keylogger in Windows 11 to Stop Microsoft from Collecting Your Data

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To put it simply, a keylogger is a program that records every single keystroke that you type on your computer's keyboard. It functions as a kind of software that spies to expose your sensitive data which is quite personal to you.

As a Windows 11 user, one of the main priorities that befalls you is the privacy and security of your computer system. However, Microsoft has access to the keylogger embedded in your PC which makes it possible to the collection of your computer data easily without you being aware.

Can You Stop A Keylogger?

Yes, of course, keyloggers can be stopped on your PC. This will involve you disabling the keylogger (Keystroke logging) in Windows 11 through your computer settings so as to stop Microsoft from collecting your computer data ever again!  

How Can I Disable The Keylogger on Windows 11?

For the fact that your computer data privacy is very important to you in all ramifications, we have made it easy for you to disable the keylogger on Windows 11 by introducing these two effortless methods below for you.

We value essential data privacy as you do, therefore you can use your PC in privacy from now on. Here are the two methods:

So now, let us discuss briefly each of these two easy methods. Hence, follow the step-by-step guide of these methods in order for you to be able to disable the keylogger on Windows 11. Ready? Then, let us jump right in.

Method 1: Put off inking and typing personalization

To execute this first method of disabling the keylogger in Windows 11, follow the step-by-step process below.

Step 1. Click on the Windows button on your keyboard to display the Start Menu or either click the Start key symbol that is located on your taskbar. After that, input the word Privacy Settings in the search bar below the desktop area. Click on the search result for Privacy Settings.

disable keylogger settings

Step 2. After the display of the Privacy Settings overview, then choose Inking & typing personalization from the list of options shown in the left part of the settings tab.  

disable keylogger typing settings

Step 3. After choosing the Inking & typing personalization, then you will see the Getting to know you setting. Here, when it is toggled on, it gives Microsoft access to continue collecting data from your PC.

However, you need to toggle off the Getting to know you setting. This will wipe off all the previously collected data on your PC and then reset the local user dictionary. But the standard dictionary will continue to provide typing suggestions and handwriting recognition.  

toggle off disable-keylogger

Method 2: Choose how much data is collected

More information about this second method is explained in the step-by-step guide below.

Step 1. First of all, click the Windows symbol button on your computer to display the Start Menu, or click on the Windows symbol located at the bottom left corner of your PC screen to open the Start Menu. Type Privacy Settings in the search box.

Step 2. Select "Privacy Settings" from the list of shown outcomes.

Step 3. Then click on "Diagnostics & feedback" from the list of options at the left part of the Privacy Settings overview.

disable keylogger diagnostics

Step 4. In this step, choose Required diagnostic data from the options displayed in the right view as shown below. You choosing this option only enables Microsoft to have access to specifically the necessary data about your computer functionalities.

click required diagnostic data

Choosing the Required diagnostic data option automatically toggles off Improve inking and typing set. This option is found on the same screen page just as the other options.

Moreover, the Improve inking and typing option turns on when the Optional diagnostic data is initially selected.                              

This second method is to be opted for when you decide to seriously protect your PC data privacy. Apart from the fact that the typing information on your PC will become private to you, also other keystroke-affected applications will maintain privacy.  


In conclusion, now you have two different solutions being explained to you in detail in this post which you can use to disable the keylogger in Windows 11 to stop Microsoft from collecting your data ever again.

No matter the method you choose to follow, you are on the right path to securing your PC data privacy effortlessly without any hassle. Indeed! You deserve complete awareness of your personal information.  


1.  Is this keylogger spyware?

Yes, this keylogger is a safe tool that acts as spyware. It is being implemented on your computer by Microsoft for the purpose of collecting your PC's data.

However, you need to know that only Microsoft has complete access to your speech and typing data being retrieved from your PC.

2.  How to detect keyloggers?

You can detect keyloggers on your device by coming across some warning signs. These signs include keystrokes or a lag in mouse movements, a very slow browser, or a disappearing cursor. Keyloggers can be detected by the use of free antivirus software options.

Reliable antivirus software works as a keylogger detector by scanning your PC to detect keyloggers and other types of spyware easily.

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