How to Fix a Full C Drive in Windows [Video Guide]

Updated by Cici on 2024/01/10

C drive full

In this video, you will get 7 solutions to fix a full C drive in Windows. You can either clean up your C drive to get space or replace the hard drive with a bigger one to expand the C drive space.

00:00 - Intro
00:40 - Extend C: With Partition Master
01:33 - Clean C: With Disk Cleanup
02:12 - Clean C: Temporary Files
02:55 - Clean C: With Recycle Bin
03:37 - Clean C: EaseUS CleanGenius
04:21 - Migrate C: Installed Programs to Another Drive
04:51 - Migrate OS to a Bigger HDD or SSD
05:28 - Add 2nd Disk and Move Big Files to the New Disk