Clone Windows from SSD to NVMe M2

Updated by Daisy on 2024/02/01


In this video tutorial, I guide you through cloning your old SSD drive to a new NVMe M2 drive using EasyUS Disk Copy. This disk cloning software can quickly transfer OS and data from an old SSD to a new SSD or HDD without reinstalling anything.

0:00 intro
0:58 All Tools you need
2:14 How to setup SSD M2 on Laptop
4:00 How to setup SSD M2 on PC Desktop
6:37 Setup SSD M2 on Bios 
8:15  Prepare Clonezilla USB Bootable
10:05 Cloning Process Using Clonezilla 
13:30 Cloning Windows 11 Completed
14:15 New M2 Drive shows the wrong size fixed
14:42 Method 2 EaseUS Disk Copy
17:00 EaseUS Disk Copy super quick