Key Finder Online Help

This is a dedicated online help to assist you understand our product easily and quickly, for any questions and concerns not addressed on this page, please do not hesitate to contact and we will always be happy to help.

Key Finder


EaseUS Key Finder is an easy-to-use and effective utility with a simple interface. It helps find the Keys of the registered Windows OS as well as the applications. Also, it allows to find and manage the passwords of Network, WLAN, and other Windows credentials. 


The trial version will show you all the items it finds. But to view or save the digital assets, please purchase a license code. If you already have a license, click Upgrade in the right corner to enter the license.

Register Key

The register keys of Windows and some applications can be found in this part.


The software will list the Windows OS version as well as the product key. The product key can be saved into a PDF file, or be printed.


The software will scan the applications on this computer and list the product key. The product key(s) can be saved into a PDF file, or be printed.

Supported applications include Microsoft Office, Adobe Series software, Microsoft SQL Server, Autodesk, and so on.


Some passwords saved in this computer can be listed here, such as those in browsers, WLAN, and Windows Credentials.

Internet and Network

The software will list all the saved user names and passwords of different websites from the browsers. You can Copy, Print, or Save them into a PDF file.


In WLAN, all the saved WLAN names and passwords will be listed. You can Copy, Print or Save them into a PDF file.

Windows Credentials

In this part, you will find the saved login credentials for networks, including user names, passwords, and addresses. You can Copy, Print, or Save them into a PDF file.


External Hard Drive

Apart from retrieving the keys from the current computer, it can also find the product keys or password from a crashed system disk. Please connect the crashed disk to the good computer, select the drive and the Microsoft account, then click Scan.

The scan might take a while. After that, the Windows and applications product keys, as well as the password in this disk, will show.

To view the passwords in Internet & Network and Windows Credentials, a Security Verification of your account is necessary.

App Request

If the applications you want to find keys for are not listed, please click Submit. For other suggestions, please click Other Suggestions and send us the details.