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EaseUS Backup Center Section

License Management

30-days Full Functional Trial-After installing EaseUS Backup Center, it will provide a  30-days full functional trial period. During the meantime, there will be no limitation of the numbers of EaseUS Todo Backup to be controlled by EaseUS Backup Center.

Activation-Click License in the left panel of the home page to display the license list. It includes License Code, License type, Used License Number and License Number. 3 types of the license include Workstation, Server and Advanced Server, separately for EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation, Server and Advanced Server.

Get License-Click Get License and open the purchase page for additional licenses. Then, use Add license to increase the total number of machines that can be managed simultaneously.

1. The license will be used immediately once a client added into this product.
2. A Server/Advanced Server license will be also used if the Workstation license is used up when a personal OS machine is added.
3. After 30-days trial period, EaseUS Backup Center can not control any workstation/server if it is not activated by a purchased license code. All the tasks will be reserved and it will be regained after EaseUS Backup Center is activated.