[Solved] MS SQL Server Database Corruption Repair

MS SQL Server is vulnerable to different threats like database corruption and errors. Trustworthy database repair software - EaseUS MS SQL Recovery can Repair corrupt MDF and NDF SQL server database and resolve all types of SQL database repair problems.

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MS SQL Server is one of the most popular databases. It has an advanced internal structure and offers great reliability. That is why most organizations use the SQL Server database to save all crucial business data. However, MS SQL Server is vulnerable to different threats like database corruption and errors. The SQL server databases file corruption makes the database objects inaccessible. There are various factors that can make the SQL server database file corrupt. The common causes of MDF file corruption are listed here:

  • Bugs in SQL server itself
  • Abrupt system shutdown while the database is opened
  • Changes in SQL account
  • Virus infection
  • Upgrading SQL Server from previous versions to newer one also, at times, results in the corruption of the database.


The command DBCC CHECKDB can be used to check the inconsistencies of the database and repair it. If your database is corrupt, it could be a good option to repair the database. You can use the command to repair specific objects or components instead of the whole database.

To run the command, you can follow this:

DBCC CHECKDB (database_name)

This command will check the tables, storage, quality, and consistency measures and will bring the outcome in a list. When the database is big, it may take a long time to repair.

Solution - EaseUS MS SQL Recovery

However, in the case of severely corrupted MDF file, DBCC CHECKDB command fails very easily. What's more, a manual solution requires a user to be technically strong. Therefore, it is advised to use some authentic third-party software to repair corrupt SQL database. 

EaseUS MS SQL Recovery is a very professional and reliable SQL repair tool. It can recover database components (tables, triggers, indexes, keys, rules&stored procedures) as well as deleted records from the SQL database. It supports MS SQL Server 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008 and older versions. 

In order to perform Microsoft SQL database repair, follow the steps below:

Before you repair the database,back up the MS SQL database by simply copying it or using backup software.

Step 1: Select the corrupted database for recovery

  • Launch EaseUS MS SQL Recovery.
  • Select the corrupted database file by clicking "Browse" (the two dots) or "Search".
  • After selecting the file, click the "Repair" button to start the Analyzing process. 
select the SQL database file

Note: To use this software, you need to stop the SQL Server service.

Step 2: Repair the corrupted database

  • The software displays all the recoverable items in a tree-like structure. The items are shown in a left pane.
  • Select the desired component to be recovered. From the window, click the "Export" button. 
Select the database objects

Step 3: Export to the database or as scripts

  • Choose to export the database objects to database or export the items as scripts
  • If you choose "Export to database", enter the information required and choose the target database.
export the SQL database objects
  • A window appears up asking you to provide credentials to connect to the server and the destination to save the recovered items. In order to begin the repairing process, click "OK". 

Note: Before clicking "OK", you need to restart the SQL Server service.


While fixing problems is an after-thought, preventing problems is wiser. Here are some ways you can implement to prevent SQL server database corruption.

  • Back up the database regularly
  • Regularly carry out memory checks, network monitoring, hardware-error checks, etc to avoid bugs and hardware failures.
  • Create scripts that will monitor and identify slow running queries in the database.
  • Use antivirus software to protect your PC from malware.


Resolving corruption is a delicate process and your chances to avoid corruption are better with a comprehensive backup regime and periodic restore testing of backup files, as well as running integrity checks.

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