error -119930868 on a Mac? 4 Solutions!

An external disk refuses to mount, and my Mac sends me the message ' error -119930868'. What causes this particular error, and how can I mount this drive or retrieve the data from it?

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Brithny· Answered on Mar 20, 2024

The ' error -119930868' may occur when you try to mount a drive on a Mac, including a USB flash drive, a DMG file, etc. The good news is that error 119930868 can be caused by a number of reasons that don't necessarily result in data loss. In the lucky case, you only need to reboot your computer and plug the drive in again, and the error code will disappear.

Unfortunately, error 119903868 due to a hard disk error can result in data loss. In this case, consider asking for help from a professional and trusted data recovery tool - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac. It can help you access stored data on the unmounted hard drive with error code 119930868.

Here are 4 solutions when the rebooting Mac method doesn't help:

  • Fix 1. Check the Connectivity

Check the USB port and cable, and re-insert the hard drive again to see if the error 119903868 gets fixed.

  • Fix 2. Use Terminal to Mount the Drive

Open the Terminal app and type the command line diskutil list to see all the connected disks on your Mac. Then, enter diskutil mountDisk disk_identifier in the Terminal window, and press 'Return'.

Note: You should change the 'identifier' to the real hard drive identifier.

  • Fix 3. Repair the Hard Drive via First Aid

Running the First Aid process can solve disk errors, including some unmounting errors. Navigate to "Disk Utility > choose the drive with error code 119903868 > click 'First Aid' > click 'Run'.

Wait for the First Aid process to complete, and check if the disk error disappears.

  • Fix 4. Reformat the Hard Drive in the Disk Utility

The last option is to reformat the hard drive and change its file system format to any macOS-compatible format. This method can be the most effective way when an unmounting error occurs.

So if the hard drive stores no important data, go to the 'Disk Utility' app on your Mac and click 'Erase' to format the hard drive.

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