What Diskpart Command Would Display A Summary of Disk, Partition, Volume, or Vdisk?

Here's the thing: I have installed 3 disks and too many partitions on my computer. Besides, I have also created a virtual disk for testing hardware. Now, my disks and partitions are in chaos. What is the diskpart command that displays a summary of disks, partitions, volumes, or vdisks? Or, is there any other way I can view the full information of all drives so that I can better manage them? Thanks!

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Oliver· Answered on Jan 26, 2024

To view a summary of disk, partition, volume, and vdisk, you can input the following command lines and hit "Enter" after each:

  • diskpart
  • list disk
  • select disk x (Replace "x" with the target drive number.)
  • detail disk

(Replace "disk" with volume and vdisk according to your needs.)

(The list partition command only works after selecting a disk.)

Besides using diskpart commands to view the information of your disks and partitions, you can also resort to third-party disk and partition manager software like EaseUS Partition Master.

It offers a user-friendly UI and powerful function that allows you to see information like disk health, permissions, storage space, temperature, drive letter, locked or not, rotation rate, transfer mode, etc., more intuitively.

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Besides presenting information, the tool also offers multiple features that can help resize & move partitions, clone disks/partitions, convert VHDX from GPT to MBR, and so on. If you need a reliable and professional tool for management, EaseUS Partition Master can be your best choice.

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