How Can I Transfer GTA 5 From One External Hard Drive to My New Internal HDD

I have installed GTA 5 on my external hard drive because the internal SSD does not have enough space for the game. But now I have installed a new internal HDD with a larger storage capacity, and I want to move GTA 5 to the drive so that I can free up my external drive. How can I transfer GTA 5 to my new internal HDD without reinstalling it? Thanks!

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Oliver· Answered on Jan 29, 2024

To transfer GTA 5 from one external hard drive to your new internal HDD in a safe and fast way, you'll need a reliable application transfer.

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If you are considering transferring GTA 5 to another drive by directly copying it, you will find out that the game won't be able to launch properly. This is because the game registry keys won't be able to locate the new location of GTA 5 if you don't manually alter it, whose process could be complex to beginners.

Hence, the best option is to download program transfer software. One of the most reputed tools is EaseUS Todo PCTrans Professional, which allows you to move the entire GTA 5 to your new internal HDD and play it without any other operation. It has the ability to transfer the game itself and all the relevant data, like mods you have installed (if you have), with a few simple clicks.

The following are the steps:

Step 1. Download and launch EaseUS Todo PCTrans and select "App Migration."

Step 2. Select GTA 5 from the source disk, and select the target disk to which you want the game to migrate. Then, click "Transfer" to start the migration.

Step 3. After the transfer process, click "OK" and restart your computer to ensure the completion of the procedure.

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