Why Does System Restore Point Take So Long on Windows 10?

It takes me a long time to make a system restore point on my Windows 10 computer when I am trying to create one. Why does the system restore point take so long on Windows 10? Can anyone answer my question?

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Jerry· Answered on Mar 15, 2024

There could be many reasons why the system restore point is taking so long. By default, restore points are not enabled, and the restore point would be problematic when it might involve in the Windows .old subtree that could have been overwritten or deleted. The RAM and specific hardware on your computer may also be to blame for this. 

Creating a restore point doesn't take too long. In reality, the system often does one after each update. And you can also create one on your own.

Perhaps you are referring to a system image backup, not a restore point. In many ways, Microsoft's system image backup tool is bad. And yes, it runs quite slowly. But there are excellent free alternatives. Therefore, you are not required to create system image backups using Microsoft's backup tool.

If you want a better way to back up your system settings and apps without using a built-in Windows tool, you can try third-party backup software - EaseUS Todo Backup. It works the same way as restore point creators because it enables you to back up your programs and files and restore them if your PC system crashes.

EaseUS Todo Backup is a free & paid backup and recovery tool for Windows 11/10/8/7. It lets you back up files, systems, disks, and partitions and restore the backups when needed. It allows you to solve Windows system restore takes a long time. You can also use it to migrate Windows from HDD to SSD and create an iso image from your hard drive or operating system. Most importantly, it provides 250G free cloud storage for data storage.

Using a third-party tool is better than Windows' built-in tool for creating a system image because you will not encounter a slow restore point-creating process.

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