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EaseUS Developers Resource Center

EaseUS cooperation program for developers

EaseUS provides flexible and reliable resource for developers to arm their own solution with EaseUS' cutting edge data recovery, partition recovery, partition management and backup technology. It will greatly improve your product value and customer satisfaction.

Source Code Developer

Deep cooperation with EaseUS by sharing, transaction of EaseUS' source code or script segment is available for developers with a need for 100% control over their future product and the foundation for future innovations. We will provide training and guidance for your better understanding of our software source code.

SDK Developer

For each software product, we provide a corresponding software development kit (SDK). The developers can call the application programming interface functions in the SDK to control the process directly and integrate our unparalleled technologies into their own software products seamlessly.


If you have any request or question about EaseUS' developer cooperation program, please email us by: [email protected]

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