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How to Transfer iPhone Photos to PC

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Photos on your iPhone record the beautiful scenery you have seen, witness the happy moments you had experienced, and carry the feelings you had when you took the photo. That's why you don't want to lose your photos on your iPhone. It's a heartbreaking experience. For mobile phone photography enthusiasts, losing photos can be a disaster. It could ruin all of their efforts. For the rest of us, it can also be costly because our cherished memory will disappear along with these pictures. 

That's why making a copy of our pictures on a PC is so important. If this is what you need, here are a few different apps and services you can use to transfer photos from your iPhone to a PC. 

Pro tips: You'd better also make a digital backup. In that case, you can still access a cloud-based account with your photos if your computer is damaged or lost. 

Part 1. How to Transfer iPhone Photos to PC with EaseUS MobiMover 

If you're searching for a quick way to transfer many photos without losing quality, this iPhone data transfer software - EaseUS MobiMover, is the best idea. Depending on your specific photo-transferring needs, it offers different options to transfer photos. Some advanced options include:

  • Transfer iPhone photos to a PC by category
  • Transfer an individual image or an entire album to a PC
  • Batch transfer pictures to another iPhone or PC in no time
  • View photos before transferring

Here is how to transfer photos from iPhone to Windows PC with EaseUS MobiMover:

Step 1. Connect your iPhones to your computer and launch EaseUS MobiMover, choose "Browse & Transfer" > "Pictures" > "Photos". 

How to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone X/8 - Step 1

Step 2. If you want to transfer all photos from iPhone to your PC, check "Select All". If you intend to copy some specific items, choose the images as you like. Then, click on "To PC" icon on the top toolbar.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone X/8 - Step 2

Step 3. EaseUS MobiMover will automatically transfer photos from iPhone to your PC. When it has done, go to check the items on your computer.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to iPhone X/8 - Step 3

If you think that EaseUS MobiMover is only good at exporting iPhone photos, you're wrong. Here's a list of other things you can do with EaseUS MobiMover. 

  • Back up your iPhone with one-click
  • Transfer photos, contacts, messages, and more data between two iOS devices
  • Transfer WhatsApp messages in your preferred way
  • Convert HEIC pictures to JPG
  • Download videos from almost all popular sites 

Sounds great, right? Don't hesitate to install this feature-rich program on your computer and start managing your iPhone or iPad. 


Method 2. Copy iPhone Photos to PC via iCloud

If you want to avoid installing third-party programs on your computer, you can use iCloud - Apple's cloud-based storage service that serves the same function as an external hard drive, but it's online. No USB cable is needed. You can complete the whole transfer process wirelessly. 

But keep in mind that Apple only offers its users 5GB of free storage space and your photos will eat up all storage soon. So you may need to pay extra to purchase more storage space. However, an iCloud storage is worth paying for if you need to transfer data on a regular basis.

Follow these steps to use iCloud to transfer photos.

Step 1. Open Settings > Photos > iCloud Photos (or iCloud Photo Library), and enable this option.

Step 2. Open a web browser and go to Sign in with your Apple ID and password.

Step 3. From, click on "Photos."

Step 4. Select the photos you wish to download and tap the cloud icon with a downward arrow.

Download photos from iCloud

Method 3. Transfer iPhone Photos to PC with a USB

There are three different ways to transfer iPhone photos to a PC with a USB. Depending on the computer system, apply any of them to complete the transfer task. 

  • Using the Windows Photos app (Windows 8/10)
  • Using Windows AutoPlay (Windows 7)
  • Using Windows File Explorer/Windows Explorer  (Windows 7/8/10)

These ways require you to have the latest version of iTunes installed on your PC. To check this, you can open iTunes on your PC, click "Help," then click "Check for Updates."

After that, you can connect your iPhone to the PC using a USB cable and follow these steps to transfer photos respectively with the Photos app, AutoPlay, and Windows Explorer.

1. Transfer iPhone photos to PC Using the Photos app (Windows 8/10)

Step 1. Open the Photos app on your PC. 

Step 2. Then, you will receive a message to import your photos from your iPhone to your PC.

  • On a Windows 10 computer, this option will be in the top right corner of the Photos app.
  • On a Windows 8 computer, you'll need to right-click anywhere in the Photos app to bring the "Import" option. 

Step 3. Click "Import" and select the photos you want to transfer, and then click "Import" to start transferring. 

Import iPhone photos to a pc via the Photos app

2. Copy iPhone Photos to a PC Using Windows AutoPlay (Windows 7)

Step 1.  Connect your iPhone to your PC.

Step 2.  When AutoPlay appears, click "Import pictures and videos."

Step 3.  Select the folder in which you'd like to save your photos in "Import Settings."

Step 4.  Select the photos and click "Import" to copy pictures from iPhone to PC.

Transfer iPhone photos to a PC via AutoPlay

3. Transfer iPhone Photos to PC Using File Explorer/Windows Explorer (Windows 7/8/10)

Step 1. Open File Explorer or Windows Explorer on your PC, find "Apple iPhone" under "This PC."

Step 2. Double-click on "Apple iPhone" and then double-click "Internal Storage."

Step 3. Double-click to open the DCIM folder. 

Step 4. Select the folder or pictures you wish to transfer. 

Transfer photos with File Explorer

The Bottom Line

Depending on your specific photo transfer needs, there are different ways to get your photos from iPhone to a PC. Apart from these ways, you can also use Google Photos or other cloud services to do the same thing, but the methods introduced in this guide are some of the best options. So, if you require a photo transfer, don't miss this detailed guide.

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