Guide | How to Export Text Messages from iPhone to PDF for Free

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Myra Updated on Oct 10, 2018 to iPhone Data Transfer | How-to Articles

Also Support: Multimedia Messages (MMS) and iMessages

Exporting text messages from iPhone to PDF for free can be easily done with EaseUS MobiMover Free, the completely FREE tool for iOS data transfer, file management, and video download. With EaseUS MobiMover installed on your computer, either Mac or PC, you can save text messages from iPhone to PC/Mac as the HTML file, which you can access and view whenever you want, and then save it as PDF in a browser like Chrome, which can be finished within minutes. If that's exactly what you want, read on to get the details on how to convert text messages to PDF with simple steps.

How to export text messages from iPhone to PDF

The process of exporting text messages from iPhone to PDF can be divided into two parts. The first part is to save text messages from iPhone to computer as the HTML file; the second part is to open the HTML file with a browser and save it as PDF. The detailed tutorial is shown below.

Part 1: Export iPhone text messages (FREE)

As mentioned above, to save text messages from your iPhone as PDF, the tool you will need is EaseUS MobiMover Free, which can be used to transfer files between two iOS devices (iPhone/iPad in iOS 8 or later) or between iOS device and computer without any cost or limitation. What's more, MobiMover can also serve as the free iPhone content manager that helps to manage your iDevice content from computer and the video downloader to save videos from websites to your computer or iOS device, like downloading videos from YouTube to Mac.

What can MobiMover transfer or manage for you:

Photos: Camera Roll, Photo Library, Photo Stream, Photo Videos

Videos: Movies, TV shows, Music Videos

Audio: Music, Ringtones, Voice Memos, Audiobooks, Playlists

Others: Contacts, Messages, Voice Mails, Books, and more

As you can see from the list above, exporting text messages from iPhone to PDF is not the only thing you can do with MobiMover. For example, you can also sync contacts from iPhone to iPhone, put music on iPhone, or transfer photos from iPhone to computer if you need to.

Can't wait to have a try? Follow the steps below to export iPhone messages to PDF for free or back up your iPhone text messages to PDF according to your needs.

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Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your PC with a USB cable. If this is the first time for you to connect your iPhone to the computer, you need to tap Trust on your iPhone to continue. Open MobiMover Free, and enter the 1-Click-Transfer screen like the screenshot below.


Step 2: MobiMover enables you to set a different path for messages on your computer by clicking the Folder icon next to the PC/Desktop or the big computer icon. Otherwise, Mobimover will transfer the messages to a desktop folder named Exported by MobiMover with the specific date

customize the path for saving messages

Step 3: Click the Next button to go to the data transfer screen. At the very beginning, MobiMover will read and load all the supported content. You can choose data based on your need. Here, pick Message only. 

choose messages to save to the computer

Step 4: Click Transfer to begin to transfer messages from iPhone to the computer. Please don't disconnect your device while transferring, and wait patiently until the process finished. 

begin to transfer messages to the computer

Part 2: Save iPhone text messages as PDF

After transferring your iPhone text messages to computer as the HTML file, you can now save the file as PDF in the browser directly. (Chrome is set as an example in this blog post.)

Step 1: Open the messages you have just exported to your computer with Chrome.

Step 2: Click Ctrl + P.

Step 3: Under the settings, click Change... next to Destination and select Save as PDF.

Step 4: Tap on Save on the screen and choose a folder to save the PDF file.

Using the similar way, you can also print text messages from iPhone if you need.

How to export iPhone text messages to PDF for free

If you have followed the steps above, you now know how easy it is to export text messages from your iPhone to PDF with the help of MobiMover. If you haven't tried the method yet, we highly recommended you to apply these steps to convert your iPhone messages to PDF as you wish. Don't miss this versatile tool that can bring you much convenience when it comes to iOS data transfer, file management, and video download.

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