Upgrade Policy of EaseUS Todo Backup

Major Upgrades:

Refers to upgrades from v1.X to v2.X, or 1.X to 5.X and so on.

  1. You have to pay for each major upgrades. To purchase the major upgrade, please click the Upgrade in the chart below.
  2. If the new upgrade is released within 30 days after your purchase, please contact Support to enjoy a free upgrade.
EaseUS Todo Backup
Product Upgrade Original Price Upgrade Price
EaseUS Todo Backup Home $29.00 $14.50
EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation $39.00 $19.50
EaseUS Todo Backup Server $199.00 $99.50
EaseUS Todo Backup Advanced Server $299.00 $149.50

Minor Upgrades:

Refers to upgrades from v1.X to v1. X, or 2. X to 2. X and so on.

The upgrades and maintenance releases that come with each new upgrade are for free. To enjoy the free upgrades, please log in EaseUS Customer Center to download the new release and activate it with your license.

As a kindly reminder, please reset your license code when it comes to "License code has been used".