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Import/Export Task

To export and archive your backup tasks is an efficient method to protect all the tasks you make from being accidentally lost or damaged due to program or system upgrades and other potential disasters. The exported tasks are able to be imported at any time to your computer or any other computers with Todo Backup installed.

Export Task

1.Click "Export Task" under "TOOLS"

2.All the existing backup tasks in Todo Backup will be listed in "Export Task" window. Select the ones you would like to export and click "Export"

3.Rename the file and select your destination to save it. The file will be saved using the suffix ".tbbak".

Import Task

1.Click "Import Task" under "TOOLS"

2.Go to the destination and select the ".tbbak" file you would like to import.

3.Select the tasks you want to reuse and Click "Import"

4.Return to the Task Window. The imported backup task will be listed there.

Newly imported backup task may fail to be executed at the scheduled time as the previously specified backup source could not be located or the target path could not be accessed with the change of hard drive configuration.

When that happens, please edit the task and update your settings.

Due to the reason above, when you use the task onto another computer, it is highly suggested to check and update all the settings after the task is imported to make sure the task is able to be correctly executed.