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Introduction of Data Recovery Software Market

Data recovery software has always been a niche market with steady costumer demand and promising potential. It is too small a market niche for big companies' appetite, so no company would be the dominator of the market in the foreseeable future. According to our experience, a new data recovery software with average features will bring you profitable income after a few months of marketing. We will share some experience of data recovery software marketing in the rest of the article.

Stable Customer Demand

There is a certain rate of data loss for all storage devices. The demand is quite stable for data recovery software although there is always new technology to prevent data loss. Comparing "data recovery software" and "DVD ripper" on Google Trends, you will see: customer demand for entertainment software like "DVD ripper" is strong but unstable and it is declining year by year. But customer demand for data recovery software is always smooth and steady.

Compare DVD ripper and data recovery software on Google Trends
Compare DVD ripper and data recovery software on Google Trends

No leading brand and unified market

According to an analysis from a professional survey organization, the total capacity of global data recovery software is about $ 100,000,000.00.

Generally speaking, data recovery software has two sides. On one hand, it is profitable enough for small to medium sized companies; on the other hand, it is too "small" for big companies. The big players incline to provide data recovery service with more profits instead of direct sale of data recovery software. This results in the scatter of the whole market. As far as we know, there is no data recovery software company's annual turnover exceeding $10,000,000.

Due to the limitation of market capacity, large enterprises will pay little attention to this market in foreseeable future, and at the same time, the possibility of monopolists will be extremely low.

Low entry barrier, high success rate.

The data recovery software is an easy category to start your business. Most users rely on data recovery utility to recover deleted or formatted files, and they will be satisfied after most files recovered. That is to say, even a simple data recovery utility with limited features can meet users' most requirements. That's why there're so many commercial data recovery software with sufficient functions, many of which are developed by individual developers, surviving through long time competition.

Big potential customer pool

Any computer user could be your customer since all computer users are facing the possibility of data loss constantly; No matter they are home users, companies, government, and organizations etc. If you're a software distributor or doing any kind of software marketing, your existing clients could be the potential customers of your data recovery software.

Rush of purchasing, low price-sensitivity and brand awareness

As the data stored on computers is becoming the most important assets for most of us, data recovery comes first if the data was gone. According to our investigation, most people purchase the full version to recover lost files without testing the demo. In addition, there are no leading companies in this market, and the popularity and brand are not the standard of users to decide. Instead, software marketing and software features have become the norm, that is, once the price is acceptable, users will purchase immediately.

Low investment on marketing, long-term profit

With our successful experience, we can help you carry out marketing activities like SEO and Adwords based on Google, and explore more customers to step into the market with the minimum cost and gain the steady benefit.

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