How to Transfer Photos from iPad to Android with Ease

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Common problems on moving photos from iPad to Android:

Q1: Can I transfer photos from iPad to Android via Bluetooth?

A1: You can’t do this via Bluetooth. Apple's Bluetooth isn't compatible with Android's. Although you may search the Android phone on your iPad, they can’t pair successfully. Let alone the data transfer.

Q2: Can I copy photos from iPad to Android through AirDrop?

A2: AirDrop is a data transfer service for macOS and iOS devices, which enables users to share photos, music, contacts, videos, and more between two iOS devices or between an iOS device and Mac. It won’t allow direct data transfer between iPad and Android.

Q3: Can I send photos from iPad to Android via WiFi?

A3: Connecting both the iPad and Android device to a same and stable Wi-Fi network won't provide any transfer solution. Technically speaking, you can’t do it without outside help.

If none of the solutions listed above can transfer photos from iPad to Android, how to make it possible and realizable? Don’t worry anymore, here we will show you how to transfer photos from iPad to Android phone or Android tablet by using a free iPhone data transfer tool, named EaseUS MobiMover. With this tool, you can easily move photos from iPad to the computer, and then drag and drop the exported pictures to your Android device. Follow the tutorials below and move on step by step.

Part 1: EaseUS MobiMover - Free iPhone to computer transfer tool

EaseUS MobiMover Free iPhone data transfer and management program enables you to:

  • Move photos, videos, contacts, messages, audios, and more from iOS device to the computer with a single click
  • Transfer files from PC to iPhone without iTunes and data wiping
  • Sync data between two iOS devices directly
  • Manage iOS files with comprehensive solutions, like delete all contacts on iPhone at a time

As to export photos from iPad to the computer, the 1-Click Transfer feature of MobiMover can meet your demand. Don't hesitate and download MobiMover to have a try.

 Free Download for PC
Secure Download
 Free Download for Mac
Secure Download

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer (Mac or PC), launch EaseUS MobiMover Free, then choose iDevice to PC. (If you prefer to transfer photos from your iPhone to computer selectively, go to [your device name] > Picture > Photo/Album instead.)

How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer - Step 1

Step 2: Keep the category/categories you’d like to copy selected. Under the Photos option, there are Photo and Album; the former shows you iPhone photos by item, the latter shows by album.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer - Step 2

Step 3: If you want to customize the storage path, click the folder icon and choose a folder. Then click Transfer to start transferring photos from iPhone to computer.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer - Step 3

Step 4: Depending on the size of the files, it may take seconds or a while to copy photos from your iOS device to the computer. Wait patiently for the process to finish and then go to check the items from the folder you just selected.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer - Step 4

Part 2: Drag and drop photos to Android

After you have got the photos on iPad stored on your computer, you can put them into your Android phone or tablet by drag and drop.

Step 1: Connect your Android device to the computer using a USB cable.

Step 2: Go to find My computer on your computer. Double-click your Android device, find and open the photos folder.

Step 3: Copy the photos just exported from iPad and paste them into the photos folder. Open the photo application on your Android, and check the added content.

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