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2 Free Methods to Transfer Ringtones from iPhone to iPad with/without iTunes


Updated on Jan 11, 2021 to iPhone Data Transfer | How-to Articles

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“I have several ringtones on my iPhone 6s that I want to have on my iPad. What's the best way to do this? Can anyone please help? thanks very much!” - A user from Apple Community

If you have the same question like above and want to transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPad, in this post, You can find 2 free ways to transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPad without/with iTunes.

If you purchase ringtones from iTunes Store on iPhone, the purchased ringtones would automatically appear on your iPad only when you sign in with the same Apple ID. If this doesn't happen, you could transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPad with the help of iTunes or a ringtone transfer software.

Part 1: How to transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPad without iTunes (FREE)

Besides iTunes, you can also use a ringtone transfer software to transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPad. Here we bly recommend you use MobiMover Free,  the first completely Free iPhone data transfer and manager in the world for individual users.Follow the steps below to learn how to use MobiMover transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPad without iTunes.

Tips: If you have received the message This Accessory May Not Be Supported, please fix it first.

Step 1. Connect your two iOS devices to the computer and run EaseUS MobiMover on it.

Allow EaseUS MobiMover to access your iPhone or iPad by tapping "Trust" on the screen and clicking "Allow" on the program window.

Choose "Phone to Phone" mode, and set the transfer direction, such as Transfer from "iPhone" to "EaseUS", and click "Next" to continue.

how to transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPhone/iPad - step 1

Step 2. Expand "Audio" and select "Ringtones" on your source iPhone for transferring.

how to transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPhone/iPad - step 2

Step 3. Click "Transfer" to start transferring ringtones from your source iPhone to another iPhone or iPad.

Wait patiently until the process finishes.

When the process is done, go to Settings on your device, then tap "Sounds & Haptics" > "Ringtone" to check the transferred ringtone.

how to transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPhone/iPad - step 3

The things you can do with the help of MobiMover is not limited to transferring ringtones from iPhone to iPad. It also supports the data transfer between two iOS devices, which means you can transfer photos from iPhone to iPad and more. Don't hesitate to try other features of MobiMover.

Part 2: How to transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPad with iTunes

If the ringtones don't show up on your iPad, the below steps would show you how to transfer ringtones from iPhone to iPad with iTunes.

  • Open iTunes on your iPhone by pressing the "iTunes" icon.
  • Press "Ringtones." It is the icon that looks like a bell.
  • Browse the selection of ringtones. When you find one you like, select it, enter your password and wait for the ringtone to finish downloading. It should now automatically be a selectable ringtone for incoming calls.
  • Connect your iPhone to the computer with the USB cable for iPhone. iTunes on your computer should automatically open and will automatically sync with your iPhone, importing all new content. This includes the ringtone.
  • Disconnect your iPhone with a computer once the transfer is finished.
  • Connect the iPad to the computer using the USB cable.
  • Choose to sync the iPad with the computer once prompted.
  • Wait for the sync to be completed to unplug the cord from both the computer and the iPad. The ringtone should have transferred successfully to the iPad.

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