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AirDrop Not Working on iOS 11 iPhone/iPad - How to Fix?

Updated on Nov 21, 2017 by Alisa to iPhone Data Transfer

How to fix iPhone AirDrop not working on iOS 11? Read more on this article to get solutions if AirDrop not working on iOS 11 on your Apple devices, such as iPhone, iPad.

Updating to the new version of the iOS system, like iOS 11, may lead to some problems when you're using the iOS devices. Recently, iPhone users have found some flaws in the iOS 11. Many iPhone users have complained about AirDrop not working on iOS 11 between iPhone, iPad. Here's what they say.

"I can't airdrop photos after updating to iOS 11 on my iPhone 6 plus."

"My new bought iPhone 7 failed to AirDrop to my Mac."
-iPhone users reported

If you have encountered the same issue of iPhone AirDrop not working, you can read Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone to learn how to fix this problem.

Before blaming AirDrop not working on the update of iOS 11, there's something you should know about AirDrop:

1. Compatibility AirDrop is actually not working in any iDevices of any iOS system. You need to check if your devices are compatible with using AirDrop. So AirDrop is only supported by devices like iPhone 5 and later, iPad 4th generation and later, iPad mini and later, and iPod touch 5th generation. iOS 7 and Mac OS X lion (10.7) or later is also required.

2. Check if the app you're using supports AirDrop. Tap on the Share button and check whether there is an AirDrop option or not.

3. Check whether or not AirDrop option is turned on in sending and receiving devices.

4. The distance between the two devices should not be too wide(less than 30 feet, about 9 meters).

If you have all the above checked up, and AirDrop is still not working on iPhone or iPad, then you can check the following solutions.

How to Fix AirDrop Not Working in iOS 11 on iPhone/iPad/Mac

1. Turn On Wi-Fi and Bluetooth - AirDrop will only work when there's Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connected into the devices. So you need to check if the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned on.

2. Log out and then log in iCloud - Go to Settings > iCloud, log out the iCloud account and then log in again.

3. Reset Networks - Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

4. Reboot your device - It is hard to say why sometimes many issues would be solved just by rebooting the devices.

5. Check for the new update - If the issue is really caused by iOS update, then the solution might have been arranged in the next version.

If AirDrop not working on iPhone in iOS 11 after doing all the above, you can find some alternatives to AirDrop and share photos, music, contacts between iOS devices and Mac.

How to Transfer Data Between iPhone/iPad/PC with EaseUS MobiMover Free

One of the best alternatives to AirDrop should be EaseUS MobiMover Free, also a free alternative to iTunes. It is a free iPhone transfer software that can sync data between multiple iOS devices, PC, and Mac. Support transferring photos, music, videos, apps, contacts, voice memo, etc. from iPhone to PC, iPhone to iPhone, iPhone to iPad, and verse visa.

Now let's take transferring photos from iPhone to iPhone as an example to see how EaseUS MobiMover Free works in iPhone transfer.

Step 1: Download EaseUS MobiMover Free, and install on Windows PC. The system on your PC should be Windows 7 or later. You can download MobiMover here.

Step 2: Unlock your devices, and connect all devices to Computer via USB Cables. If it requires permission, please tap Trust on your devices.

Step 3: Launch EaseUS MobiMover on your computer. The information of your devices will be listed on the main interface.

iPad Airdrop issue free software

Step 4: Click the button, Transfer to Other Device, on the main interface. If you devices are not well-connected, you will get a notice says Please connect at least 2 devices.

Free software to fix AirDrop not working on iOS 11

Step 5: Choose the category of the data that you want to transfer and share. You can select one single category, like photos, or multiple categories to transfer from one device to another all at once. You will find how convenient it can be to You will find how convenient it can be to transfer music from iPhone to iPhone with EaseUS MobiMover.

transfer data between iPhone/iPad/PC/Mac

Step 6: Select the receiving, and click “Transfer” to start. Wait for a few seconds, the time depends on how much data you are transferring.

transfer data from iPhone to iPhone

Now you have successfully transferred data between iDevices. With MobiMover, you can transfer music, video, contacts, iBooks from and back to iOS devices and PC.