NEW! Bad Rabbit Ransomware AttackWarning!!!

Today unprecedented Bad Rabbit ransomware is locking up Windows PCs at explosive speed and first comes across organizations in Russian & Ukraine on October 24. This malware is kidnapping crucial files for 0.05 bitcoin around $285.00 or more to get them back again. New Bad Rabbit cyber attack follows the previous epidemic WannaCry and Petya Ransomware and is spreading much massively in large scale.

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What’s Computer Virus?

Computer virus is a type of malicious software program – malware designed to alter the way computers run and can spread one computer to another fast like flu virus that causes unexpected damage and data disaster by exploiting security vulnerabilities.


data records lost or stolen since 2013


registered new malicious programs per day

over 60%

of enterprises discover a breach of sensitive data


of computer users are vulnerable to exploit kits (software vulnerabilities)

How does virus spread and infect computers?

Computer viruses are transmitted across computer to computer fast through the hidden techniques, both online and offline

What’re Common Types of Malware?

Now a list of new types of security threats are increasingly rising up at a rapid speed than you can imagine

Now Ransomware Breaks Out to the Top

From 2016, ransomware starts dominating the NO. 1 security threat that is now heavily distributed around the world. The new variant of WannaCry ransomware explosion in May 2017 reached the peak to be the biggest cyber attack and locked up almost 300,000 unpatched PCs in over 150 countries through data kidnapping for a great amount of “ransom” paid in bitcoins by exploiting critical vulnerabilities “EternalBlue” in Windows computers

  • Lock up your PC and no access to system

  • Encrypt all files on your devices

  • Stop apps from running (like web browser)

WannaCry Ransomware Attack, Never End

Global virus threats never end from WanaCrypt0r 2.0 and Petya Ransomware. Ransomware still keeps going on for the next outbreak and new variants for vulnerabilities continue to pop up. Every day over 390,000 new malicious programs are detected.

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