What is FAT16?

File allocation table that uses 16 bits for addressing clusters. Commonly used with DOS and Windows 95 systems.

A 16-bit DOS and Windows file system (see FAT) that varies cluster sizes based on hard drive size. Cluster sizes range from 4 KB (for drives up to 127 MB), to 4 KB (255 MB drives), 8 KB (511 MB drives), 16 KB (1 GB drives). and 32 KB (for drives up to 2 GB). The ultimate capacity of a FAT16 partition is 2 GB.

Please see: FAT12 | FAT16 | VFAT | FAT32 | NTFS/NTFS5 | EXT | EXT2 | EXT3 | EXT4 | SWAP | exFAT | ReFS

FAT16 Data Recovery Software

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