All-Inclusive File Sync Software

EaseUS EverySync automatically synchronizes files or file folders on multiple machines

  • Sync files/folders between computers and removable device
  • File sync across network share
  • Sync files/folders between computer and FTP Server
  • File sync between computer and cloud storage

EaseUS EverySync conducts one way and bidirectional file sync without the trouble of manual operation on different computers

Schedule Synchronization and Backup

EaseUS file sync program makes data backup & file sync on your time-based schedule and automates syncs to run in real-time when there is any change to your data.

What's New in Version 3.0?

  • Optimize the UI for better experience.
  • Update file sync status in the Windows Explorer.
  • Support the latest OneDrive.

Cloud Synchronization

EaseUS EverySync makes easy cloud storage file sync to allow access to your data anywhere

Back up your files to cloud storage and share your data across different devices or network connection at any time wherever.

Support Google Drive, OneDrive (SkyDrive) and Dropbox file sync and securely automate all syncs to run in real time for source sharing

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  •  EaseUS EverySync is a reliable program that allows you to quickly duplicate and store the data from a local folder, cloud account or FTP location. The software features a friendly GUI, it is easy to use and is suitable for performing large file transfers in a short time. The transfer can be done one-way to two-way.  

  •  A simple to use application which enables you to synchronize the files from your local computer, network, cloud drive or FTP location. 

  •  EaseUS EverySync is a file synchronization tool for Windows. The app offers a powerful yet simple solution to synchronize files and folders within your PC or network, FTP servers, or cloud storage services. EverySync focuses on simplicity and ease of use, with only a few basic configuration options to worry about. 

  •  Useful application which enables you to sync the files from local computer, network, cloud drive or FTP server. 


Users Say

  • Dianne Moses        

     The Cloud Connection function is excellent. Simple to set up and runs smoothly. I have been using GoodSync but now prefer this application for its simplicity and speed of use. 

  • Mitkhokhani        

     Useful application which enables you to sync the files from local computer, network, cloud drive or FTP server. 

  • Monkey        

     GREAT software!..simple, easy to use, effective, works great, I am very satisfied with it. 

  • Tyler        

     EaseUS EverySync looks like a reliable and easy to use tool for backing things up. I'd like it have a license to use it.