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How to Slow Down or Speed Up a Video with Top 5 Free Video Speed Changer

Cedric Grantham updated on Oct 27, 2020 to Video Editing Tips | How-to Articles

These days most people have a phone in their hand or a DSLR when they go out for a trip or have a birthday party at the house. Some videos of these moments are boring. They are very long, and that's where you need to speed up the video. Or maybe something happened too fast, and you need to slow down the video to figure out what happened. So, follow this guide to speed up or slow down any video.

How to Speed Up or Slow Down a Video

You can use any features of this video speed controller. Depending, if it's an online tool or offline tool, once the video loads up in the editor, you can choose speed, and then download it.

What You Will See in This Article


Using any of these tools, make sure to mute the audio; otherwise, it will sound gibberish. It is the reason why most of the smartphones do not offer audio in their slow motion.

1. EaseUS Video Editor: Instantly Change Video Speed 

A slow-motion video or a superfast video has an excellent attraction on social media like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and other platforms. Using a video editor with a speed control function like this, you can instantly speed up video up to 5x times. It means if you have a 20 minutes video, you can speed up so you can watch it within four minutes.

You can also slow down video up to 0.2x, which means a one-minute video will run for 20 minutes. EaseUS Video Editor supports multiple formats. Even if you have shot a video from your iPhone or Android smartphone, you can slow it down using this software. Follow the steps below to change the video speed.

change speed using EaseUS Video Editor 

Step 1. Import and add a video to the timeline

Open EaseUS Video editor and import the video(s) into the media library. Then drag it and drop on the timeline

Step 2. Change the speed of your video

  • Speed up video

Select the video or part of the video you want to increase the speed. Click on the pencil icon to open the editor where you get the Speed Slider. To increase the speed of the video, slide it to the right, and you should see the speed increasing.

  • Slow down video

Follow the same as in Steps 1, but this time move the slider to the left instead of right. Notice that the length of the video will increase in the timeline.

Step 3. Export the video

Once everything is complete, click on export, and select the media format or platform in which you want to export the video Make sure to choose the quality of output, video encoder, frame rate, and bitrate.

2. Kapwing

It is an online video speed changer, where you can upload a video, and then decide the speed. You have an option that ranges between 0.25x to 0.75x to slow down videos, while to speed up, you can choose between 1.25x to 4x. Once you make your selection, click on create a link, and it will change the video speed as per the choice.

change speed using Kapwing 

The final length of the output is displayed under-speed change buttons. Once the conversion is complete, you have the option to download, edit, share on social media.


  • Direct conversion from video platforms
  • Speed up is limited only to 4X


  • Uploading and process can take a lot of time.
  • Limit on size of the video you can upload.
  • Privacy issue concerns

Platform: Works on all platforms, including macOS, Windows, and Linux.

3. Easy Video Maker

It's free software that can speed up or speed down videos. The software is easy to use. Once installed, click on the plus icon to add video files. Next, you need to input the speed for each video. Anything above of value one will increase the speed, but anything below one will reduce the speed.

change speed using Easy Video Maker 

You can export the video in various formats. Click on the settings icon to configure it. Once done, the finished video with the change of speed can be rendered by clicking on the render button. It is probably the only editor in the list which allows you to select a value. If you want to speed up or slow down a video to a specific rate, you can do so using this software.


  • Set exact speed up or slow down the speed


  • Processing may take time
  • It offers a sophisticated user interface not suitable for beginners.

Platform: Windows only.

4. YouTube Speed Changer  

If it's the speed of YouTube Video you want to change, it is effortless. YouTube offers inbuilt speed control that can speed up or slow down the videos both on the web and mobile. It is handy if you want to quickly finish a video because it is too slow or find that part as boring, but you still need to watch it.

change speed using YouTube speed changer 

Open any YouTube video, and pause it. Next, click on the Settings icon to open the flyout menu. In the menu, there is a link to the Speed menu. Click on it and change it to anywhere between 0.25x to 2X. You can also use a custom value by clicking on the custom video, and then using the slider to change it.


  • Predefined speed or change by 0.5 using the slider


  • Hidden under menu

Platform: All platforms and browsers

5. VSDC Video Editor

It is yet another free software which also offers editing feature. To slow down or speed up the video, click on the video and then go to the properties window. In the list of parameters, we will need to find the Speed (%) parameter. If we put a higher number, it will increase the speed, but if we add decimal, it will slow down the video.

change speed using VSDC video editor 

Since using the original audio will sound gibberish, add matching background audio to make the video delightful. You can also preview the video before exporting it. If you have a slow computer, which takes a long time, the preview will make sure your time is saved.


  • Set exact speed up or slow down the speed in percentage


  • Settings in deep buried under properties and is not easy to find.
  • It offers a complex user interface not suitable for beginners.

Platform: Windows only.


EaseUS Video Editor is not hardware intensive, and it will render the video in no time. The best part of using this software is that you can both speed up and slow down even using the free version. Also, if you do not have any experience in video editing, changing video playback speed using it is straight forward.

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