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FREE | How to Merge Videos into One Easily in 7 Ways

Cedric Grantham updated on Dec 11, 2020 to Video Editing Tips | How-to Articles

When you want to put together some video clips into a complete video or when you want to share multiple interesting MP4 files at once, you may need to know how to merge videos. If you need to put two videos together, then you've come to the right place.

This tutorial covers a few video mergers and show you how to merge videos on Windows 10, Mac, iPhone, and Android devices. You can pick any one of them to combine videos and quickly create an ideal video for Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Instagram story.


How to Merge Videos in Windows 10 for Free (3 Ways)

We offer a total of three free ways to help you combine video files by using a free video editor, Windows Media Player, and VLC media player. Choose the one that works best for you to combine videos.

# 1. How to Combine Videos with EaseUS Video Editor

EaseUS Video Editor is a great and fantastic video editing tool that allows you to merge several video clips into one file with no quality loss, as well as set the desired aspect ratio and output format, add music to video without watermark

It supports combing videos in a variety of formats, including mp4, avi, mpeg, wmv, mov, rmvb, vob, flv, m4a, mpg, and a lot more. And, you can use this video editor to make picture in picture video. Other stunning features of EaseUS Video Editor are listed below.  

  • It enables you to trim, cut, split, rotate, mix video clips, apply stylish video effects, accelerate/slow down your video speed, and many more.
  • It offers comprehensive converting options, such as convert MP4 to GIF, convert MP4 to MP3, convert YouTube video to MP3, etc.
  • It has a vast collection of video filters and overlay effects to help you enhance the look of your movies.
  • It supports all types of devices. You can import media files from PC disk, camcorders, DV cameras, vidicons, webcams, cell phones, etc.

Now, download this free and professional video editor to merge videos with one-click. You can flexibly choose to export combined videos in various formats. Or you can also burn videos to DVD or directly upload your video to YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, cameras, vidicons, webcams, cell phones, etc.

Step 1. Import the source videos

Launch EaseUS Video Editor. On the home screen, you can import the source video files by either clicking the "Import" option or simply dragging the videos to the appropriate area.

merge videos - import files

Step 2. Add to project 

You need to add the imported files to the video track by choosing the "Add to Project" option, or you can drag and place the video to the track as you want. The videos will be placed on the same video track in order.

merge videos - 1

Step 3. Export the merged videos 

To combine multiple videos into one, you need to select all the target videos and click "Export" on the toolbar to export the combined video. Under the "Video" tab, choose a file format for the edited video. You can also edit the file name, customize an output folder and settings, and then click "Export".

merge videos - 2

The free version of EaseUS Video Editor enables you to combine any number of MP4 files into one video most simply and securely. If you want to merge videos without watermark, you can upgrade to the paid version.

# 2. How to Combine Videos into One with Windows Media Player

Windows Media Player is a comprehensive video editing and playback program that is available for free on Windows-based computers. You can put videos together using a Windows Media video clip joiner program. To combine videos in Windows Media Player, you first need to download a Windows Media video clip joiner program to your computer. Then, follow the steps below to complete the job.  

Step by step on how to merge video in Windows 10:

Step 1. Launch Windows Media Video clip joiner. Go to "Add File" on the "File" menu.

Step 2. Navigate to the videos you want to combine.  

Step 3. Press the "Combine" button. Wait for the merge videos to be saved on your computer.  Quit the joiner program once the file has been saved. Press the "Open" button to load the video into Windows Media Player. Press "Play" to watch the video that was combined from video clips.

merge videos using Windows Media Player

# 3. How to Merge Videos in VLC

You can also use VLC media player to combine clips into one video together. It can create a totally new single video. But note that only videos in the same video format can be merged together in VLC. If you happen to encounter merge video clips feature is not working in VLC, or if you want to combine an MP4 file with a MOV file, you can apply EaseUS Video Editor to do it.

Steps on how to merge videos in VLC:

Step 1. Start VLC media player. Click the "Media" tab on the toolbar, select "Open Multiple Files..." from the drop-down menu.

merge videos using vlc - 1

Step 2. Click the "Add" button under the File tab, and then import the videos files you want to merge.

Step 3. Now, Go the Play button and click "Convert" from the drop-down menu. Then it will ask you to set the location for saving files location, and you can save the merged file to the target path.

merge videos using vlc - 2

How to Merge Videos on Mac Using QuickTime Player

Apple's QuickTime Player is not only a nice media player but also a converter, recorder, and more. You can use it to play movies, music, create and edit videos, record your screen and audio, etc.

To merge several MP4 or put other files into one video on Mac, You can resort to this tool. The following content shows you how you can merge videos, movie clips using QuickTime Player.

Detailed steps on how to merge videos on Mac:

Step 1. On your Mac, launch the QuickTime Player located in the "Application" folder.

Step 2. Click "Edit" and choose "Add Clip to End...", then choose and insert a video in the QuickTime Player. To add additional video clips, click the "Edit" menu, and choose "Insert Clip After Selection...". You can also import the video clips by drag and drop.

Step 3. You will see all the video clips are arranged at the bottom of the QuickTime Player window. You can adjust the sequence of videos as you need.

Step 4. To merge multiple video files on Mac, click "File" > "Export As". Select target video resolution, 480p, 720p, 1080p, or 4K, name the video file, choose a different directory to save it if like, finally click the Save button to complete.

merge videos on Mac

How to Merge Videos Online for Free

Many online video merging tools allow you to combine multiple videos at the same time when you search in Google. But when using these online tools, what you need to consider is security. Online tools may have some security risks; the viruses and Trojans may damage your files and computer. Then there's the issue of privacy. If it's a private video, we recommend you use desktop video editing software to merge videos.

The following steps show you how to combine videos using an online tool belongs to Clideo(https://clideo.com/merge-video). If you're interested, you can find it on Google.

Step 1. Upload files. Choose the video files you would like to merge. Several files can be chosen at one time.

Step 2. Select output file settings. You can adjust the video files order. Then, click the "Merge" button.

Step 3Download your combined files. Once your videos have been merged, click on the "Download" button to save the file.

 merge videos using online tool

How to Combine Videos on iPhone Using iMovie

Apple offers iMovie to help users to edit videos on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. It provides multiple video effects and options to modify and enhance your videos. For example, create a cutaway, use a green/blue screen to cut out a subject and replace the background with a different clip, create a split-screen, and picture-in-picture effect color settings, crop, and rotate of a video clip stabilize, and more.

For combing videos, iMovie lets you merge separate videos into a single, longer video. Follow the steps below.

Step 1. Open iMovie on your iPhone, tap "Continue" > "Create Project." On the New Project screen, tap "Movie."

Step 2. Tap "Media" at the top left. Choose "Video" and select the video files you want to merge. In the pop-up, tap the checkbox. This adds the video to your project. When you've added all the video clips you want, tap "Create Movie" at the bottom of the screen.

merge videos on iPhone - 1

Step 3. On the My Movie screen, you can preview the videos. Tap the Setting button in the lower right corner to choose filter and theme. When you finished, tap "Done" at the top left of the screen to save the combined videos. You can tap the Share button and choose where you want to send the merged videos.

merge videos on iPhone - 2

How to Merge or Combine Videos on Android 

There are many awesome video merging applications for users to combine videos clips into one on Android phones and tablets. KineMaster is one of the best free video mergers that you can download from Google Play. It is a full-featured video editor that supports merging multiple videos, blending modes, voiceovers, chroma-key, speed control, transitions, subtitles, special effects, and so much more!

You can import videos from your Android device storage, and merge multiple videos at a time. After processing, you can even save the videos at the perfect resolution for Instagram.

merge videos on Android

Download address: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.nexstreaming.app.kinemasterfree&hl=en_SG

Wrap Up

This tutorial covers seven methods in all to help you combine videos on Windows 10, Mac, iPhone, and Android devices. To merge videos on Windows 10, there are four ways available through using EaseUS Video Editor, Windows Media Player, VLC media player, and online video merging tool. For functionality and security reasons, we strongly recommend you try EaseUS Video Editor. It offers comprehensive video editing functions for both beginners and pros.

People Also Ask

1. How do I combine multiple videos into one?

If you want to combine multiple videos into one on Windows 10, there are four ways you can try: using EaseUS Video Editor, Windows Media Player, VLC media player, and online video merging tool. EaseUS Video Editor is a powerful and easy-to-use video editing program that enables you to combine unlimited videos at one time with one-click.

2. How can I merge videos together for free?

The methods for merging videos provided in this article are all free. To merge videos without watermark, you can use the pro version of EaseUS Video Editor.

3. Can VLC merge videos?

Yes, you can use VLC media player to merge videos in three steps.

Step 1. Start VLC media player. Click the "Media" tab on the toolbar, select "Open Multiple Files...".

Step 2. Click the "Add" button under the File tab to import source videos files.

Step 3. Use the "Convert" feature to combine videos.

4. How can I merge two videos together online?

There are many online video mergers you can refer to combine two videos together, such as the Clideo video merging tool her. Upload your files, and then select output file settings. Once your videos have been merged, download your file. 

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