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2 Methods | How to Record Slack Calls in Simple Steps

Crystal Chen Updated on Mar 31, 2022| min read

Slack allows the built-in method to record the calls. If you want to save time when recording, then jump to part 2 to look for a suitable method. However, the built-in method has some limitations on the recording time and so on. Therefore, to better record Slack video calls, you can try third-party software to record them. 

Here, this post introduces how to record Slack calls with its built-in tool and external recorder. 

Can You Record Slack Call?

Yes, you can. This meeting app offers the built-in method to record the video call. However, the time for recording is limited. If you mind this feature, try third-party Slack recorders like EaseUS RecExperts. 

A third-party recorder like EaseUS RecExperts can help record the video call with internal sound on the desktop. Also, you can choose to record the screen with a webcam as well. Try this third-party recorder now!

How to Record Slack Calls with Built-in Method

Luckily, Slack offers a built-in method to record video calls on your desktops as well as mobiles devices. For this method, you don't need to download any other external recorders. It's time-saving to capture Slack calls in rush time. At the same time, you need to notice the rule that it only allows you to record up to 3 minutes. 

The methods to record a Slack call on desktop and mobile devices are different. 

Record Slack Call on Windows/Mac

You may want to have a Slack video call on the desktop, therefore it's ideal to use the built-in method to record it. During the video call recording, you can blur the background and do other things as you like. 

slack video call on mac

How to record Slack calls on the desktop:

Step 1. Download the Slack app on the desktop. Then, join or start a call. 

Step 2. Tap the camera icon and hit "Record". Meanwhile, you are allowed to share the screen with others, etc.  If you want to select a different camera and microphone, hit "Settings". 

Step 3. Once you have finished recording, tap "Stop Recording". 

Record Slack Call on Mobile

What can you do if you only have the Slack app on your phone? You can record the call within this app. 

Slack becomes a hot video meeting app in our daily lives. Its simple and straightforward interface attracts many users to join the video calls with others. Below is a guide for recording Slack calls on Apple devices. 

slack call on phone

How to record Slack voice calls, using iOS devices: 

Step 1. First of all, you need to open a channel or private message in Slack. Select the message field as you like. 

Step 2. Next, you can tap the microphone icon to start recording your video call. 

Step 3. If you want to finish recording, hit the tick icon. Then, view the recorded file in your phone. 

How to Record Slack Calls via External Tools

There are some benefits when using external video call recorders, and you can look at the below part. 

  • Record app sound on Windows and Mac
  • Capture the video clip without notification
  • Schedule recording the video call with ease
  • Record Slack video calls with no time limit
  • Take a screenshot as you like

If you think the built-in method is limited in some functions, then external Slack call recorders could be your choice. Here, EaseUS RecExperts is recommeded for recording the video call with no time limit. It is compatible with Windows and Mac computers. Therefore, you can use it to record video calls on the desktop. 

The benefit of using this third-party Slack call recorder is that you can choose the audio resources, including the external and internal sound. Some software cannot record the internal sound on macOS devices, while this tool can make it. For sure, it can record the screen with sound. Now, try this Slack call recorder on Windows and Mac!

Here is a list of steps for recording Slack calls on Windows, using EaseUS RecExperts:

Step 1. Launch EaseUS RecExperts on your device, and choose the recording mode from the four options. For example, you can select the "Full Screen" to capture everything on your screen.

launch recorder

Step 2. Click on the button in the lower-left corner to choose the audio source. You can record the internal audio of your device, your voice, or both of them. If you also want to capture the webcam, click on the next button to adjust the settings.

select screen and audio source

Step 3. After adjusting the settings, click on the "REC" button to start recording the video call. There will be a floating toolbar on your screen during the recording process, and you can click on the "Stop" button on it to end the capturing.

floating toolbar

Step 4. Then, you can preview the captured files in the "Recordings" list. This recorder offers you some tools to edit those video or audio files.

preview recordings

Also, if you want to know how to record internal audio, follow the below post!

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This post provides you with two methods to record Slack video calls, including using the built-in tool and a third-party recorder like EaseUS RecExperts. If you want to record a Slack video call with no time limit, try EaseUS RecExperts! It can record the app sound on Windows and Mac. 

Also, it can record more than a Slack video call. You can even record FaceTime calls, Skype call, etc. 

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