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Top 11 Best Podcast Recording Software for Windows 10/Mac/Online

Jane Zhou Updated on Jul 08, 2021| min read

Before we jump to any other information, let's just discuss what a podcast is. It is an audio program like Talk Radio, where recording audio discussions on a specific topic is done like a business, travel, and more, and that can be listened to. 

You can also say it is a series of spoken words or audio episodes focused on a particular topic. The audio you record that is raw and unedited could hold a lot of potentials. But audio with good effect will bring more popularity to the show. For that, you need to have the best podcast recording software, so let's look at some.

Top 1. EaseUS RecExperts

System OS: Windows and macOS

If you are looking for the best podcast recorder, then EaseUS RecExperts is the one recommended. This powerful podcast recording software does what and how exactly you want it to be done. Apart from podcast recording, it can also record desktop audio, any form of music, and video from any internal and external devices; mix it with any other audio/video files, and edit it with trimming or adding contents.

Let's find out some interesting facts and features, and also you'll see how you can use this audio recorder as a podcast recording software. 


  • A versatile audio/video recorder, mixer, and editor
  • Highly affordable to be used for personal and professional use
  • Allow screen recording and live broadcasting
  • Support various types of file formats
  • Produce high-quality sound and video output


  • The free version of this software has limited features and functionalities

Let's find out how you can record a podcast and save it on your system effortlessly- see the following steps carefully! 

Step 1. Launch EaseUS RecExperts, and you can choose one of the four main functions on the main screen. Here you need to click on "Audio".

mainscreen of EaseUS RecExperts

Step 2. You can select the sound source by clicking on the bottom left button. It supports recording system sound, microphone voice, and both of them. The settings in "Options" helps you to adjust the volume.

choose system sound as output

Step 3. Click on the "REC" button to start recording. When you want to finish recording, click on the red square icon to stop it.   

edit audio files

Step 4. An audio player will pop up automatically, and you can view the recorded audio or trim it with a built-in tool.  

preview and cut

Top 2. Wavelab10

System OS: macOS and Windows

This podcast recording software is one of the best software and can be used for podcast recording and perform any form of sound editing tasks. It allows us to add real-time effects, recover sound damage, and more. Apart from recording noise-free podcasts, it also supports editing of the recorded files with less/ no effort, and you get amazing audio outputs in no time.  

Podcast recording software - Wavelab10


  • Provide excellent sound design features
  • It has powerful batch processing tools
  • It has industry-leading audio analysis options 


  • Quite expensive 
  • Designed to aim at only audio industry professionals 

Top 3. Hindenburg Journalists PRO

System OS: Windows and macOS 

Using this podcast recording software, you can conduct interviews from your home and any other remote location. This powerful sound recorder will preserve the quality of the audio throughout the process of editing. You can use it to record interviews that can be conducted by using applications like skype, facetime, and more. It also provides publishing tools. 

Podcast recorder


  • It has a lot of audio effects 
  • You can add chapters, images, and links to podcasts
  • Allow to reduce noise incredibly 


  • There is no option for file conversion 
  • Lack some advanced editing tools for audios 

Top 4. Adobe Audition 

System OS: Windows and macOS 

This tool is one of the most popular and most used podcast recording software of all time. It is iconic and one of the best audio editing tools available in the industry. It has almost all the features that you will need to record and edit audio. There are a variety of templates available you can choose from, and it allows you to set and adjust audio levels. 

Podcast recording software - Adobe Audition


  • Allow to do professional audio mixing and also mastering the tools
  • Help in removing the noise effortlessly
  • Provide royalty-free audio effects


  • Has the steep learning curve for novice audio engineers

Top 5. Pro Tools 

System OS: Windows and macOS

It is a simple yet powerful podcast recording software, especially for musicians, storytellers, and podcasters. It allows you to speed up the mixing process and to mix the audio and the video files. There is a completely free version of this software available for music lovers to use for free for a lifetime. Even the PRO version of it has a limited trial period to use it for free. Apart from that, the software in association with UVI Falcon 2 allows the users to create exceptional audio recordings!

Podcast recording software - Pro Tools


  • Provide extensive plugin support 
  • Allow creative freedom for all the projects
  • It is supportive of 1024 MIDI tracks


  • Aimed only for professionals
  • Features more audio recording and editing tools that a regular podcast needs

Top 6. GarageBand 

System OS: iOS and macOS

GarageBand is simple audio recording software that has a lot of features and is versatile. By using this software, you can learn to create podcasts easily. The software has features as it helps remove the users' mistakes during the recording session and has the feature to control the audio peaks. 

Podcast recording software on Mac


  • Smooth podcast recording 
  • It allows users to share their recordings on social media 
  • Provide high-resolution recordings 


  • It doesn't support MIDI output
  • Mediocre technical support assistance

Top 7. Reaper

System OS:  Windows, Linux, and macOS

Reaper is a podcast recording software that allows multitracking and MIDI recording, mastering the tools, and mixing it. It also allows support to digital audio file formats. It has a wonderful online guide to train the basic functionalities of the software for first-time users. One can also join the online forums and download operational instructions to know the features of every option present in the panel. 

Podcast recorder


  • Hundreds of in-built audio effects 
  • Advanced audio editing tools
  • It has a robust track automation tool 


  • No file-sharing options
  • Designed especially for music industry professionals 

Top 8. Fission 

System OS: macOS

This podcast recording software provides features where you can get various audio editing tools that make the audio editing process very simple and easy. You can integrate with audio hijack and record the podcast and also edit them. The software is equipped with in-built effects that you add on the recorded file while editing and producing fascinating audio tracks to add more to the functionalities.  

Podcast recorder on Mac


  • You can fade, cut, and merge multiple numbers of files without interrupting the quality of the audio
  • Quick conversion of audio files
  • You can set split points 


  • No inbuilt recording feature 
  • No option to add plugins

Top 9. TwistedWave

System OS: macOS, iOS, and web-based

This sound recording software provides audio recording options as well as editing options. TwistedWave offers limiting or compression of audio files and also transforming them into high-quality soundtracks. The podcast recording tool provides an easy user interface with robust architecture to draw exceptional sound recordings out of a normal audio track. Moreover, it is free to use!

Podcast recording software - TwistedWave


  • Support metadata concept
  • It has an automatic silence detection feature
  • Excellent batch processing facilities 


  • There is no audio effect library
  • Not available for Windows users  

Top 10. Audacity 

System OS: macOS, Linux, and Windows 

This software has been used by podcasters for decades and is still one of the best and most used podcast recording and editing software to record and edit audio online for free. You can record live audio and also digitize audio files from other media. It also has a feature where you can choose to create a 16-bit, 24-bit, or 34-bit audio recording. You can easily edit too. 

Podcast recording software - Audacity


  • It provides a vast library for audio effects
  • Audio recording options are free
  • It supports all of the audio file formats that are mostly used


  • Outdated interface design
  • Confusing architecture

Top 11. Zencastr 

System OS: Windows, macOS, and Linux

This software has been used by podcasters for decades and is still one of the best and most used software to record and edit podcasts online. You can record audio locally using the standalone software. It also has a feature where you can choose to create a 16-bit and 44.1k quality audio recording. You can easily edit the recorded files as well. Your recordings can be delivered to your dropbox or google drive quickly.

Poacast recording software online


  • Provide a soundboard for live editing 
  • Allow automatic post-production 
  • There is a separate track per guest where Zencastr records voice locally


  • The free version of this software has limited features
  • The premium version is still in the beta stage


It is difficult to select the best podcast recording software when you have plenty of options, and all are great performers. But still, when you are forced to decide upon the best one among all of them, then our choice would be EaseUS RecExperts, and that is the reason it tops our list of best 11 best podcast recording software.

Understanding the features, functionalities, user experience, robustness, portability, and affordability, we choose EaseUs RecExperts. We also recommend the same to you when you are searching for the best podcast recording software. 

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