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Recently, Apple announced the important MacOS updates at its annual Worldwide Developers Conference. No new phones or laptops were announced during the presentation, but Apple focused on new operating systems for MacBooks and other devices and Apple Intelligence, the company's latest AI project.

The WWDC presentation introduced macOS Sequoia Preview, Apple's latest operating system. Its features include improved iMessage, Maps, Safari, desktop organizing, and using your iPhone on a computer from another room. Apple devices will get macOS Sequoia and other new operating systems this fall. Read more to learn everything about Sequoia, the newest Mac OS.

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MacOS Sequoia Release Data

Apple's newest Mac OS version, macOS Sequoia, adds capabilities and improves user experience. At Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), macOS Sequoia featured numerous intriguing innovations that simplify and streamline daily operations.

Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the news at his keynote on June 5, 2024. Cook stressed the company's innovation and customer pleasure in his remarks. "With macOS Sequoia, we are pushing the boundaries of what a desktop operating system can do, making it more intuitive and powerful than ever before," he stated. The first macOS Sequoia beta was released on June 10, 2024.

Apple's Senior Vice President of Software Engineering, Craig Federighi, also commented on the new OS. "Sequoia advances macOS significantly". He said they listened to people and added features that would boost productivity and fun.

MacOS Sequoia will debut in fall 2024. Apple fans and Mac users may expect improvements to iMessage, Maps, Safari, desktop organizing, and the ability to use an iPhone on a computer when it's in another room.

Here's a video that may help you learn how to download Sequoia beta and some outstanding new features:

  • 00:30 Back up your Mac
  • 00:54 macOS Sequoia beta compatibility
  • 01:33 Download macOS Sequoia beta
  • 02:29 macOS Sequoia's new features
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MacOS Sequoia Compatibility

MacOS Sequoia works fluidly across Apple devices so that users can experience its new capabilities independent of their hardware. From current MacBook Pros to old iMacs, Apple has endeavored to include many devices in the compatibility list. Each device's hardware is leveraged to maximize the new operating system's benefits for a smooth and efficient experience.

Apple also guaranteed that Sequoia would work seamlessly with all Apple devices, letting consumers use their iPhones with their Macs for a more integrated environment.

Apple Device Model Compatibility
MacBook Air (2018 and later)
MacBook Pro (2017 and later)
Mac Mini (2018 and later)
iMac (2017 and later)
iMac Pro (all models)
Mac Pro (2019 and later)
Mac Studio (all models)

New Features of macOS Sequoia

With a new macOS version comes an array of new features. Let's talk about some of the most talked about ones:

1. Enhanced iMessage

MacOS Sequoia improves iMessage with conversation customization, expressive emojis, and comprehensive message management. Users may now bookmark critical chats and establish contact-specific alerts. "iMessage on Sequoia is more personal and versatile than ever," stated Craig Federighi.

macos sequoia imessage

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2. Revamped Maps

Apple Maps now offers more precise and thorough routing. The upgrade adds city tours, 3D landmarks, and public transport information. Tim Cook said, "New Maps make navigation simpler and more fun".

macos sequoia map

3. Safari Upgrades

Safari gets a major boost in speed and efficiency, along with new privacy features. Users can now customize their start page, use improved tab management, and enjoy enhanced tracking protection. "Safari in Sequoia is the fastest browser we've ever built", stated Federighi.

macos sequoia safari

4. Desktop Organization

New desktop organization capabilities include automated file grouping and a revised Finder. Users may now categorize and organize files more effectively, simplifying workspace management. He said, "We've made organizing your digital life simpler and more intuitive."

5. Apple Intelligence

Apple Intelligence, an AI-driven feature set, seeks to improve macOS Sequoia automation and customization. These include predictive text, picture recognition, and Siri enhancements using machine learning. "Apple Intelligence is our latest leap in making technology more intuitive and helpful," he stated. These AI advances make device interactions more tailored and efficient, making daily chores more accessible and intelligent.

6. Universal Control

One of the best features is Universal control, which lets users operate various Apple devices with one keyboard and mouse. Switching between Macs, iPads, and other Apple devices is effortless with this capability, improving productivity. "Universal Control changes multitasking," remarked Federighi.

7. Focus Mode

Sequoia's Focus Mode filters alerts by activity to reduce distractions. Focus Mode only displays pertinent notifications when working, learning, or resting. Cook said, "Focus Mode is designed to help users stay in the zone and be more productive."

Should You Update to macOS Sequoia [vs. macOS Sonoma]

MacOS Sequoia adds several features and improvements to macOS Sonoma. Both operating systems provide solid performance and stability, but Sequoia improves user experience with AI integration, productivity features, and device compatibility.

Below is a detailed comparison of macOS Sequoia and macOS Sonoma:

Feature macOS Sequoia macOS Sonoma
iMessage Advanced customization, pinning, custom notifications Basic chat features
Maps Detailed city guides, 3D landmarks, enhanced public transit Standard navigation
Safari Faster performance, enhanced tracking protection, customizable start page Improved speed and privacy
Desktop Organization Automatic file grouping, revamped Finder experience Standard Finder
Universal Control Single keyboard/mouse control for multiple devices Not available
Focus Mode Activity-based notification filtering Standard Do Not Disturb
iPhone Integration Use iPhone on Mac from another room Basic continuity features
Apple Intelligence Advanced AI-driven automation, predictive text, enhanced Siri capabilities Limited AI features
Users who want productivity gains, seamless device integration, and powerful AI should upgrade to macOS Sequoia. However, if your present configuration with macOS Sonoma satisfies your requirements and you don’t want to upgrade, it is still a stable and functional operating system.


macOS Sequoia is a significant upgrade to Apple's desktop operating system, adding capabilities to boost productivity, connection, and user experience. From improved iMessage customization and Maps to Universal Control and Apple Intelligence, Sequoia outperforms macOS Sonoma. These updates demonstrate Apple's dedication to combining cutting-edge technology with intuitive design to simplify daily chores.

MacOS Sequoia offers strong reasons to upgrade for professionals wanting improved workflow management, tech enthusiasts enthusiastic about AI-driven automation, and Apple users seeking a more integrated environment. Apple continues to develop and improve its operating systems, and Sequoia shows its commitment to solid, user-centric solutions. Anyone eager to embrace macOS's future should upgrade to Sequoia.

macOS Sequoia Frequently Asked Questions

Following are the top queries that users search for related to the macOS Sequoia:

1. What is macOS Sequoia?

WWDC 2024 Apple revealed macOS Sequoia, the newest Mac OS. It adds advanced iMessage customization, Maps updates, Safari improvements, desktop organization, Universal Control, Focus Mode, and Apple Intelligence AI.

2. How to get macOS Sequoia?

To get macOS Sequoia, make sure your device is compatible, then go to Apple, "System Preferences > Software Update". Follow the on-screen directions to download and install macOS Sequoia in the fall of 2024.

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