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Top 10 Free MP4 Cutters You Should Try [2021 List]

Daisy updated on Dec 17, 2020 to Video Editing Tips | How-to Articles

MP4 is one of the most common formats used for recording videos. Not only it's versatile, but it also made sure the size is a lot less compared to other non-standard formats. So if you are shooting with your phone, you are mostly recording in MP4 format, and fine-tuning such videos, you need an MP4 Cutter. In this post, we are introducing ten free MP4 cutters to create an error-free video. Note: MP4 stands for MPEG-4 Part 14, which is a digital container. It supports audio, video, subtitles, and more.

Why do you need an MP4 Cutter?

A video editing software which can read MP4 files, and lets you edit, trim, splice, split, add effects is an MP4 Cutter. You need the software not only to remove unnecessary parts of the video but also to enhance it to deliver a cinematic output that you can show to everyone.

Top 10 Free MP4 Cutters You Should Try


Depending on the platform, choose one of the free MP4 cutters to edit your videos. Some of them might have limitations, so you will have to keep that in mind.

1. EaseUS Video Editor

It is a free video editor without watermark that offers an easy user interface to edit, split, trim video files. You can add multiple MP4 videos on its non-linear timeline and then right-click on the video to split or use the keyboard shortcut(Ctrl+B) to cut the videos. Once you repeat the same with all the videos, they will be available as smaller video clips. The time length of the videos can be increased or decreased by holding the mouse on one of the ends and dragging in the required direction. You can also change the length by manually entering the time length. Late, these can be then enhanced using enhancements such as Text, Filters, Overlays, Transitions, Elements, and Music.

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  • It can handle AVI MPEG video, MP4 format, 4K videos, and other video formats
  • User-friendly interface for both beginners and pros
  • It's also an audio mixer software and video speed changer software
  • End-user can use features like split, merge, cut, trim, change video speed to cut the videos
  • It's a full-fledged video editor that offers over 50+ transitions, 40+ filters, and 30+ overlays
  • Once video cutting is complete, you can export videos in multiple formats including social media support


  • Only available on Windows but works on all versions

Platform: Windows Only

2. Bandicut

Its a free video editor that offers video cutter, splitter, and join multiple videos keeping the original video quality. Once you open the video in edit mode, you can create multiple video clips and add them to the sidebar. Later all these can be merged. The videos can be further split into numerous segments by the number of duration.

bandicut - top mp4 cutter


  • Easy to use interface with precise controls on editing and trimming videos
  • Allows to you create a stack of multiple videos to merge them


  • Opens the website every time you close the editor
  • Non-linear timeline is missing

Platform: Windows

Download: https://www.bandicam.com/bandicut-video-cutter/

3. Windows Video Editor

Photos App in Windows offers a native video editing experience. While it is limited and straightforward, it can be enough if you want to edit one or two videos. Drag, and drop the videos, and use the Split and Trim function to edit the MP4 video. You can also add 3D effects, background music, text, titles, and so on.

windows video editor - top mp4 cutter


  • Excellent tool if you want to perform some basic editing
  • It can trim, split, changes speed, and more
  • If you are making a video for kids, you can use import 3D objects available in the library
  • Add images from Bing, external audio, and more.


  • Difficult and time-consuming if you are editing multiple videos
  • It is not possible to place images and videos on top of each other as it offers a linear timeline

Platform: Windows Only

Download: It comes preinstalled in Windows 10.

4. VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC offers a non-linear timeline allowing us to place the video on top of each other, making it easy to edit the MP4 videos. When you get into edit mode, it offers to add markers. These markers are useful to remember parts of the video you need to delete. Along with it, you also get a dedicated section for cut areas.

vsdc - top mp4 cutter


  • Offers motions tracking, masking and video stabilization tool which are usually available in high-end editors
  • Features like video capture, screen capture, voice recorder add to the advantage of editing videos.
  • Multiple templates to help users get started quickly


  • A general user will end up more confused and will have to spend a lot of time in learning. There are too many menus and icons.
  • Settings are not natural to change as they offer popular code editor-style like Visual Studio
  • It provides a sophisticated user interface that is not suitable for beginners

Platform: Windows

Download: http://www.videosoftdev.com/free-video-editor

5. Avidemux

This open-source video editor offers more than what Windows Video Editor provides. Once the video is imported, you can set markers on the timeline. Done that, use the editing tools to cut parts of the video, which are not essential. You can also drag using the mouse to adjust the pieces. When you are editing multiple videos, you can add them to the Job queue. When you are ready, all the videos can be processed and exported out. Lastly, configure video, audio export features for the final renders.

avidemux - top mp4 cutter


  • Color correction, sharpness, Subtitles support, and more
  • Simple and straightforward video editor


  • Missing timeline
  • No keyboard shortcut support

Platform: Windows

Download: https://sourceforge.net/projects/avidemux/

6. Shotcut

Popular for editing 4K videos, Shotcut is a well-built editor that offers extensive menu options to cut MP4 videos, but only on demand. It offers all the necessary features to cut, split, and trip the videos. The software maintains a visual history, i.e., you can read the exact changes you made, e.g., split clip, append to track, and so on.

shotcut - top mp4 cutter


  • Offers NTSC monitoring to better edit videos
  • FFmpeg inclusion makes sure more types of videos are supported for editing.
  • Color, text, noise, and counter generators
  • The interface is easy compared to the competition which offers complex menus


  • You are on your own using this as it lacks documentation and video tutorials.
  • Useful for editing but anything beyond that, it's not that good

Platform: Windows

Download: https://shotcut.org/ 

7. iMovie

It is one of the favorite video editors among macOS users. Not only is it available for free, but it also offers support for creating trailers with beautiful templates. Once you have the video on the timeline, right-click on it and select split (command + b). Done that, you can iron off the bugs on the edges of the video by moving them in or out. If you want more exceptional control, open the clip trimmer.

imovie - top mp4 cutter


  • Free for all macOS users
  • Clip Trimmer offers cutting videos even more precisely
  • Supports 4K videos


  • Limited in terms of features compared to other editors on the platform

Platform: Available for macOS

Download: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/imovie/id377298193

8. Hitfilm Express

Hitfilm Express is a free version of its video editor, which offers pro-level features. It has been known to be used for a couple of movies and provides extensive and regular tutorials to create FX footage. When it comes to cutting videos, the tool offers a keyboard shortcut, dedicated video trimmer window, which helps you get clear visuals. Once you are through, use the motion blur effects to smoothen the transition further.

hitfilm express - top mp4 cutter


  • Trimmer window offers to edit only audio or video
  • Provides both 2D and 3D compositing along with 410+ effects and pre-sets
  • Combine multiple video stream, and add PIP mode
  • Support for vertical windows, enhanced workflow, and timeline


  • The free version is limited

Platform: Windows and macOS

Download: https://fxhome.com/hitfilm-express

9. Quicktime

Its a video editor from Apple, which is handy if you are looking for a simple video editor that does nothing more than cutting videos. Available for macOS, it can trim, rotate, flip, cut, copy, paste, and delete videos. Once you are done editing the MP4 file, you can add one more at the end of the video.

quick player - top mp4 cutter


  • Share videos directly to YouTube, Facebook, and other services
  • Supports multiple videos but in a linear timeline
  • Supports exporting to audio-only or 4K/1080/720/480P resolutions


  • Cumbersome to use as the timeline feature is missing
  • Paid feature for Windows
  • Only useful for simple edits

Platform: macOS and Windows

Download: https://support.apple.com/downloads/quicktime

10. Online Video Cutter

It is an online tool useful for those who do not want to rely on software tools to edit small videos. It offers an instant preview of the video while the upload happens in the background. Next, you can use the various tools such as trimer, cropper to create small video clips. Later you can join them to create the final output.

online video editor - top mp4 cutter


  • Offers all essential editing tools
  • Works on all platform


  • Limit on the upload size makes it suitable only for smaller videos
  • Privacy concerns
  • Limited editing tools
  • Missing timeline

Platform: Windows, macOS, and Linux

Download: https://online-video-cutter.com/


Now that you are through the list, you have seen all types of editors. They have their advantages and disadvantages. Among all these free mp4 cutters, EaseUS Video editor offers a balanced set of features, easy editing tools, and professional features such as visual effects, transitions, filters, background music, and more. If you are looking for an all in all video editor, EaseUS video editor is the right choice.

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