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Top Five Free Ways to Add Picture to Wav File Easily

Jane Zhou updated on Mar 22, 2021 to Video Editing Tips | How-to Articles

A lot of people have asked how they can add a picture to the WAV file. That sounds a bit confusing. However, it means that there can be some images in the front with audio in the background. In short, it is the same as adding audio to images. There are a lot of software and online tools that can add pictures to music files. Here the five ways to add a picture to the WAV file in this tutorial. Select the tool based on the platform of your choice.

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Add Picture to WAV File on Windows

EaseUS Video Editor is a versatile video and audio editor. The software can easily add pictures to music files and export them as a video format or upload them to YouTube. Apart from accomplishing this task, it can enhance and edit the video to create a cinematic output. Here is the list of features:

  • Add effects such as transitions, elements, overlays, filters, text, and audio effects
  • Split, detach audio, trim, crop, delete audio and video files
  • Reduce noise, add voiceover to video, create subtitle with Speech to text converter
  • Export in multiple formats such as MP4, MP3
  • Upload to social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook
  • A wonderful video speed changer software
  • Add motion effects to images and videos

Step by Step Guide to Add Image to WAV File

When you add a picture to an audio file, it is supposed to be exported as a video. With EaseUS Video Editor, you can add pictures to WAV and save it as MP4, AVI, WMV, MKV, MOV, and GIF by following the steps below.

Step 1. Launch EaseUS video editor and select the aspect ratio to create a new project. The next step is to import the images and the audio in the media section. The editor supports all audio formats so it can accept WAV, MP3, and other formats.

Step 2. Since we need to add an image to the MP3 or WAV file, first add images to the timeline and then the audio file. Both have their own track, so you can manage them separately.

Edit Images using Video Editor

Step 3. Since audio is important, make sure to use the features like split, trim, fade-in, fade-out, and change speed of audio file if necessary. When it comes to images, you can change their color, contrast, saturation, brightness, tone, and highlight

Edit Audio files with EaseUS Video Editor

Step 4. The last step is to export the image and MP3/WAV file as a video file into an MP4 format, which you can share with anyone. You can also upload directly to YouTube or Facebook. Make sure to set the highest audio and video quality before exporting it to the computer.

EaseUS Export Wav and Images

Add Picture to WAV File on Mac

1. iMovie is an incredible software that works on macOS and allows you to convert audio to one or multiple images. You can create a trailer or a movie using the software, but if you only want to add only images, and audio to the mix, that is also possible. The software offers filters, transitions, music, and additional sound effects to touch up the final video.

Add audio to image using iMovie

Step 1. Open iMovie, and then click on the plus icon to create a new project. Next, you can add images and audio to the media library of which you want to create a video file.

Step 2. Now that you have the necessary files, drag and drop them to the timeline. Then adjust the length of the images according to the length of the audio. It is also possible to add new theme music and sound effects as background and sound for the image.

Step 3. Lastly, you can click on the gear icon and modify the video appearance. Once done, click on the share icon to save the video on the computer or share it to social media sites directly.

Download address: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/imovie/id377298193

2. Macroplant Adapter uses FFmpeg as its back end, and VLC as a front end to preview files. The first time the software is installed, it will automatically download the FFmpeg and VLC software and configure it. Since it is computer-based software, the overall process is speedy. You can use this to convert images to any format, and then add audio tracks to it.

Add audio to image using Adapter

Step 1. Drag and drop an audio file or the image file on the Adapter, and then you can click on the configuration file. Here you will have multiple options for audio, trim video or audio file, and add layers.

Step 2. Add image to audio, click on layers, and select audio. Use the browse button to add the image path, and then set up configuration.

Step 3. Next, you can choose to preview or click on the convert button to create an MP4 file that contains both audio and image.

Download address: https://macroplant.com/adapter

Add Picture to WAV File using an Online Tool

These online tools upload the file on their server and convert using a software. Once the download is complete, the original files are deleted from the server to honor the privacy of the end-user.

1. Edit Frame Creator is an online editor where you can upload images, and audio files and then create a mix. The creator offers to select the aspect ratio for social media websites, video format, and background color.

Edit Frame Creator add image and audio

Step 1. Open the creator and click on add image and add an audio icon to upload the files. Next, select the aspect ration which we discussed above.

Step 2. Next, you can add features like an audio visualizer, add audio from YouTube, and more. However, since it only supports one image, one audio file, anything you upload replaces the previous.

Step 3. Click on the "Render" button to export in video format. The processing may take time, and it's slow for rendering one image and audio file.

Download address: https://editframe.com/creator

2. OneImageVideo is another online tool which can add image, and audio file together. You can upload an image of the maximum size of 25MB and an audio file, which is a maximum of 100 MB. The tool combines both to create an MP4 or video file.

Convert Image audio into a video with OneImageVideo tool

Step 1. Open the OneImageVideo online tool. Next, select an image of your choice, and an MP3 file which goes well with the image.

Step 2. Click on the "Upload" button to start the uploading files and start the process of conversion. Uploading time and processing will depend on audio and video file size.

Step 3. One the conversion is complete, you can then download the file and use it anywhere MP4 is supported.

Download address: https://www.oneimagevideo.com/


These were all the software and online tools to add an image to audio. It goes without saying that if you are looking for software on Windows, EaseUS Video Editor should be your choice. The software not only can merge audio, images, and video files, but it also allows you to add effects, change speed, clear noise from audio, and so on. You can also use the software to upload to various video services, which makes it even more attractive.

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