Fixed: Why My PS4 Won't Turn On

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"PS4 won't turn on" is an issue frequently encountered by PlayStation 4 gamers. When this problem happens, you cannot enjoy yourselves playing games as you like. To cope with the problem, here we will show you the possible causes of why PS4 won't turn on and all the potential solutions to it. Apply the tips to fix your PS4 immediately.

This page includes causes that make your PS4 not turning on with 8 solutions to fix PS4/PS4 Pro won't turn on immediately. Check the quick navigation of possible fixes and follow each one to turn on your PS4 without trouble now:  

Workable Solutions Troubleshooting Steps
Fix 1. Disconnect Power Cable Unplug the old power cable from your PS4 ...Full steps
Fix 2. Connect to Wall Outlet Connect the power cord to the wall outlet ...Full steps
Fix 3. Clear the Dust Cleaning the dust inside to solve your problem ...Full steps
Fix 4. Restart in Safe Mode Connect your PS4 controller with a USB cable...Full steps
More Fixes Replace the broken components or fix the power button...Full steps

Help! My PS4 Won't Turn On

"I have had my PlayStation4 since it was released and just recently it started to give me issues. It was connected to a working power socket and plugged correctly. However, I couldn't get the PS4 to respond in any way. Now I get no light or beep as others have. The PS4 won't turn on for the Controller or Disk input. Nothing out of the norm changed so I don't understand what would have caused this." 

Many PlayStation 4 gamers have been troubled by such an issue that they can't turn on their video game console. When hitting the power button, the console either won't turn on or the indicator flashes and then it turns off immediately. Sometimes there is a beep coming out. But in most cases, the users just can't turn on the PS4 and get nothing.

Possible Causes of PS4 Not Turning On

The reasons why PS4 won't turn on vary. But generally, the causes are mainly:

1. Roaches in the Power Supply

Roaches can get into the plastic case easily. They walk around the circuitry and might destroy the tiny cables or components inside the PS4.

2. Incorrectly Connected or Broken Power Cord

It's likely that the poor contact between the power cord and your console is the culprit that leads to PS4 not turning on. Besides, if the power cord is physically broken, you will definitely fail to turn the machine on.

Another possible problem with the power cable is the connection between the plug and the wall outlet. Sometimes, it may get loose or your wall outlet is faulty. Your PS4 won't turn on in either of the situations.

3. Lightning Storms or Power Surges

Both lightning storms and power surges have the potential to burn the power supply, the power management chip, or some other components on the motherboard. If there was a lightning storm or power surge recently, that's probably why your PS4 is not turning on suddenly.

4. Power Strip

Check the way you connect your PS4 and the power supply. If you cannot turn on your PS4 when connecting it to a power strip, it might because the power strip doesn't provide enough power for the PS4, especially the PS4 Pro.

5. Failed Power Botton

The longer you use your PS4, the less touch-sensitive the power button will be. Besides, the frequently pressing of this bottom may lead to the related components in the console case being out of place. Therefore, when you press the power button, the console won't be triggered as you want.

These are the common causes of PS4 not turning on. The corresponding solutions are also provided below. Some say that bugs are also one of the reasons. That can't be denied. However, if your PlayStation 4 won't turn on because of bugs, you may not be able to fix it on your own. You need to ask for help for manual service. If you are not in this situation, you can follow the solutions below to have a try.

8 Ways to Fix PS4 Won't Turn On Without Losing Data

Unlike corrupted data error on PS4 that is software related, "PS4 not turning on" is generally due to hardware issues. We have listed all the possible solutions for fixing PS4 not turning on, read this post and follow the instructions to help you get out of your bad situation.

Note that fixing the PS4 using the methods below won't cause data loss in most cases. However, if you find you have lost games on your console, you can learn how to recover PS4 games here with reliable data recovery software - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

Solution 1. Disconnect the Power Cable

It's important the make sure the power cable is fully connected. To check whether it's the problem with the power cord, you can either reconnect it or switch to a new power cable to have a try.

Step 1. Unplug the old power cable from your PS4.

Step 2. Wait for at least 30 seconds.

Step 3. Plug the power cable back into your console and reboot PS4. 

Step 4. If it's not booting up or not connected with power, repeat the former 3 steps and replace the old power cable with a new one.

Solution 2. Connect the Console to Wall Outlet

If you are using a power strip, unplug your power cord and connect it to the wall outlet to have a try. Some power strips are just not built for the amount of power that a PS4 will take.

Solution 3. Clear the Dust in Your PS4

Dust issues can sometimes seriously interfere with your PS4. Cleaning the dust inside is a very effective solution to resolve your problem. There are a few things you can try to dust your PS4. For example, you can try blowing into the vents or disk drive or doing some cleaning inside by opening the top plate of your PS4. After clearing the dust, you can start your console and see if this has helped you.

Solution 4. Restart PS4 in Safe Mode

Step 1. Connect your PS4 controller to the console with a USB cable.

Step 2. Press and hold the power button on your PS4 console until you hear the second beep, then release the button.

Step 3. Select "Restart the PS4" with your controller. Wait for the process to complete.

If a restart won't help, you can try to rebuild your PS4 database. Starting the PS4 in safe mode, and select "Rebuild Database". Please keep in mind that this will clean up all the data on your PS4, don't apply this method until you have to.

The four tips above are fixes for the situations in which PS4 won't turn on due to the most common reasons. If these methods fail to bring your PS4 back to work, don't get frustrated, there are other workable tips for you.

Solution 5. Replace the Broken Components

If it is the roach that destroyed your PS4, you need to replace the broken components. Similarly, if your PS4 is not turning on due to the burnt power supply, power management chip, or problematic components on the motherboard, all you can do is to send your device to a professional and get the problematic part replaced.

Solution 6. Fix the Power Button

If you are skilled, you can remove the metal cover of the button and check whether the components on it are out of place. If it is bent incorrectly, fix it by yourself or ask someone who is good at doing this for help.

Solution 7. Insert a disk into your PS4

Sometimes you can turn on your PS4 by putting in a disk. Your console can detect a disk inserted in and start itself. To turn on your PS4 in this way:

  • Plug the power cable into your PS4.
  • Insert a disk into the disk drive on your PS4. Note that you don't need to insert all your disk in. Keep pushing it in slowly until you see your console automatically turns on.
  • Pull your disk out.

If this works for you, your PS4 will turn on as usual. If it doesn't, then please read on.

Solution 8. Get Specialized Manual Services

If none of the solutions above helps to solve the "PS4 won't turn on" issue, it's time for you to ask for manual services for help. You can contact the related support center and send your device for fixes. This method allows you to cope with the hardware issues inside the PlayStation console.

All the eight tips are widely used fixes for PS4 not turning on. If you cannot identify the root cause of the issue, you are recommended to apply the possible solutions one by one to have a try. Hope one of them can help you out of the problem quickly.

The Bottom Line

Causes as lightning storms may also result in other problems on PS4 instead of not turning on. For example, not showing the signal. That's because the lightning comes through the HDMI system and burn the chip. To prevent such an issue from happening, you can equip your device with a surge protector.

Hope one of the solutions above can help you fix "PS4 not turning on" successfully.