Does Formatting Laptop Make It Faster? HereAre The Full Answers!

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Some users might have a question that does formatting their laptop make it faster? In this article, we will tell you the answer and also introduce other computer formatting-related tips. Let's start now.

Many computer users will think about whether to format the computer again and again. One reason that urges them to do it is that they have been told that formatting the computer or laptop would make it faster. Is that right? And is it necessary for users to format their laptops?

Does Formatting Laptop Make It Faster?

Technically speaking, the answer is Yes, formatting your laptop would make it faster. It will clean your computer's hard drive and wipe all the cache files. What's more, if you format your laptop and upgrade it to the latest version of Windows, it would bring you an even better result.

But every coin has two sides. Formatting the computer also has its advantages and disadvantages. Before making the decision of formatting your laptop, you should be fully aware of all the pros and cons.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Formatting Laptop

When we say formatting laptop, the thing we format is actually the hard drive inside your laptop, which could be an HDD or an SSD. The following are the advantages and disadvantages of formatting a hard drive. Hope it helps you make the right decision on whether to format your laptop.


1. Clear Hard Drive Space

When your computer's hard drive is formatted, all data on it is completely erased and the system's operating system is reinstalled. If you copy the operating system files to the formatted drive, you will notice that your drive has more free space. This is because the formatting process deletes some unnecessary system files, which previously occupied hard drive space.

2. Clean System Files

After years of use, the different files and codes of the computer running the operating system may be damaged. And these files' corruption will significantly slow down your computer. After you have formatted the hard drive, the system will reinstall all necessary files. This process would refresh the damaged files and bring them to an uncorrupted state.

3. Delete Malware and Junk Files

Formatting the hard drive will erase all data on it, including the malware and junk files. These files not only harm your computer system but also take up the space of the hard drive. And since most of these files are invisible, you can't delete them in daily use. So formatting the hard drive helps you get rid of the harmful files and software.


1. Wipe Out All Data

Generally, there is only one bad side of formatting a hard drive, that is it will erase all your data. You will lose all your workpieces and need to start over all the way to the beginning.

Is Formatting A Laptop Good?

If your laptop is quite slow and you have used it for several years, then formatting your laptop could make it faster.

If your laptop works well, and it applies with an SSD, then formatting is unnecessary. This is because SSDs have a write cycle life, it will eventually slow down and die after a certain amount of data has been written on it. 

Best Hard Drive Recovery Solutions | Recover Data from Hard Drive

When you accidentally formatted a hard drive, reliable data recovery software - EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can help you restore files from it with ease.

Can I Recover Accidentally Formatted Hard Drive Data

Sometimes you don't intentionally format the hard drive, maybe a misoperation. On the computer, the formatting process is irreversible. You can't find the wiped data on the Recycle bin. If you want to perform a formatted recovery, you can only apply the third-party data recovery software.

One such tool is EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, it can not only recover deleted data but can also scan the formatted hard drive to recover data. You can download the software from the button below, and follow the guide to see how to recover formatted data.

Note: To guarantee a high data recovery chance, install EaseUS data recovery software on another disk instead of the formatted disk. 

Step 1. Launch EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard. Choose the hard drive partition which you've accidentally formatted and click "Scan".

Step 2. This formatted hard drive recovery software will start scanning for all the lost data and files. After scanning, you can click "Filter" to filter a specific file type to quickly find files you need. Or click Search files or folders to select data that you want to recover.

Step 3. Preview the scanned files. Then, select the ones that you wish to recover and click "Recover". Choose a new location to store the files and click "OK".

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, if your laptop is old and slow, you can format it to make it faster. But please remember that if the hard drive is an SSD, you'd better do not format it too frequently. Moreover, if you have accidentally formatted your hard drive, apply EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard would help you recover the lost data.