How to Use EaseUS MobiMover?

EaseUS MobiMover Free is the first completely free iOS 11 & 12 data transfer in the world.
Follow the guide to manage iPhone data easily.

iPhone Data Transfer

Step 1. Click the Transfer function button on the left to select the way you want to trnasfer, you can transfer from Phone to PC or from PC to Phone or Phone to Phone.

transfer from computer to iphone step1

Step 2. Select the files you want to transfer. You could select multiple files at the same time.

transfer from computer to iphone step2

Step 3. Confirm the data you want to transfer and click the Transfer button to start the process.

transfer from computer to iphone step3

Manage iOS data with Custom

Step 1. Click the Content Management and find the category you want to manage files and data. Click the folder to find more option.

manage iphone files step1

Step 2. Select the files you need to transfer, delete or edit. You could select multiple items in the same category at the same time.

manage iphone files step2

If you want to transfer data like Contacts, and Safari bookmark, please turn off the iCloud.

Step 3. You will find the button Add Content, Transfer to PC, Delete etc. on the right top. Please select the one that you need and enjoy managing iOS data with just a few clicks.

manage iphone files step3

Video Downloader

Step 1. Click the Video Downloader on the left menu. Then, choose the device you want to download videos to.

video downloader step1

Step 2. Enter or copy the URL of the video you need. EaseUS MobiMover could support over 1000 video website. Then click the button Download.

video downloader step2

Step 3. Your URL will be analyzed first, then the program will start to download this video automatically. If you choose a mobile device in Step 1, the video will be transcode at the same time.

video downloader step3

Unlock iOS Screen

Step 1. Connect iOS device to the computer. Make sure the device is well connected, then select device model and enter recovery mode.

ios unlock step1

Step 2. Select or download the firmware. The program will start verifying automatically. It may take a while.

ios unlock step2

Step 3. iOS screen lock will be removed when the installation is finished. Restart this device and enjoy all the functions.

ios unnlock step3