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  • Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on an iPhone/iPad/iPod (Windows Only)
  • Remove Apple ID Without Its Passcode (On Activated Devices Only)
  • One-Click to Unlock 4 Types of iPhone/iPad/iPod Passwords
  • Remove Screen Time Passcode on iPhone/iPad/iPod
  • Remove iTunes Backup Encryption Without Passcode
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For Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7

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Directly Bypass iCloud Activation Lock Without Any Password

The activation lock removal feature serves well to bypass iCloud Activation Lock on an iOS or iPadOS device without the Apple ID or lock screen password. Thus, you can get into your iPhone or iPad successfully without any password.

By bypassing Activation Lock, you will be able to activate your iPhone/iPad/iPod again after you forget its Apple ID and password. It wil help you out in following situations:

  • Activate an iPhone/iPad without iCloud acccount
  • Remove an iPhone/iPad from a previous owner's account
  • Set up an iPhone/iPad without knowing its Apple ID and password
  • Change the Apple ID used on an iPhone/iPad without its account information

Important Notice:

  • Before you bypass the iCloud Activation Lock, you need to jailbreak your iOS/iPadOS device, which may brick the device.
  • After you bypass the iCloud Activation Lock, you won't be able to make phone calls or send messages. Besides, you can't sign in to iCloud in Settings with a new Apple ID and then use iCloud services. (You can sign in to Apple Store with a new Apple ID and download apps.)
  • If you restart, reset, or upgrade your iOS/iPadOS device after the Activation Lock removal, you will re-encounter the iCloud Activation Lock screen. You can bypass Activation Lock again with EaseUS MobiUnlock before the license expires.
  • EaseUS MobiUnlock is only used to help individuals who forgot their Apple ID password and cannot activate their device. No commercial use is allowed. Make sure you are using your own device and have legal ownership and control of the device. Any issue caused by an organization or group obtaining the device credentials has nothing to do with EaseUS or EaseUS MobiUnlock.
  • EaseUS MobiUnlock works to bypass iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone 5s ~ iPhone X running iOS 12.3 ~ 14.8.1, on iPad running iOS 12.3 ~ 12.5.5 or iPadOS 13.0 ~ 14.8.1, and on iPod touch 6/7 running iOS 12.3 ~ 14.8.1.

Quickly Remove Apple ID Without Its Password

The "Unlock Apple ID" feature performs well to remove Apple ID from your activated iPhone/iPad without a password, helping you
regain control over your device.

When you forget your Apple ID password, you can't sign out of the device or delete the Apple ID account. Most importantly, there will be many limitations when you use your iPhone. Fortunately, this feature is designed to eliminate these troubles for you. It allows you to:

  • Sign ouf of an iPhone/iPad without its Apple ID and password
  • Use a new Apple ID on an iPhone/iPad without knowing the original one
  • Enjoy all iCloud-related services without limitations

Easily Unlock an iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch Without a Passcode

It can happen to any of us — You found your old iPhone but can’t remember the passcode you set years ago, or you got a second-hand iPhone or iPad with an unknown screen passcode. If you have made many unsuccessful attempts, your iPhone will be disabled for long intervals. Whatever the case may be, you will need to overcome the challenge.

EaseUS MobiUnlock enables you to unlock iPhone/iPad/iPod passcode and regain access to your locked iOS devices in minutes.

  • Forgot iPhone Passcode
  • iPhone Is Disabled
  • Entered Wrong Passcodes for Many Times
  • Got a Second-Hand iPhone
  • Face/Touch ID Won't be Recognized

Bypass All Types of Passcode in One-Click

EaseUS MobiUnlock helps you bypass iPhone password easily and regain full access to your iPhone.
The iPhone unlock software supports all types of lock screen passcode, including 4/6-digit code, Touch ID or Face ID.

4-Digit Code

6-Digit Code

Touch ID

Face ID

Other Popular Features

Bypass Screen Time Passcode

If you want to use your iPhone apps freely but forget the screen time passcode, removing screen time without passcode will be necessary. And that's what EaseUS MobiUnlock can do for you. Try it and then enjoy your iPhone to your heart's content.

Turn Off iPhone Backup Encryption Without Password

It's troubling if you can't remember your password for your iPhone backup. That's because when it happens, you can't use your previous and new backup. To free you from such worries, you can use the iPhone backup encryption remover to turn off the feature without passcode. After that, you can make an unencrypted backup or set a new iPhone backup password.

Manage 3 Types of Passwords on iPhone Freely

The iOS password manager makes it easy to view saved Wi-Fi passwords, website & app passwords, mail passwords, and basic credit card information on your iPhone. Whether you want to share Wi-Fi passwords from an iPhone to other devices or export iPhone passwords to PC to make a backup, there will be no hassle.

Remove SIM Lock to Use Any Carrier (Beta Version & Windows Only)

By removing SIM lock on your iPhone, you can solve problems like "SIM Not Supported" or "SIM Not Valid" and thus will be able to use any carrier on your iPhone without SIM restrictions.

Why Choose EaseUS MobiUnlock?

While there are a huge number of screen unlock tools to choose from, its performance is still outstanding, no doubt. EaseUS MobiUnlock can handle all kinds of locked iOS screens. Simple to use and no tech knowledge required. Unlock it right away.

Highest Success Rate

Regardless of the reason why your iOS device is locked, this smart iPhone unlock tool will help to resolve it, with the highest success rate.

Effective & Quick

With a few simple steps, it enables you to remove iPhone and iPad lock screens smoothly.

No Technical Skills Required

EaseUS aims to foster the simplicity needed for users with years of exploration. MobiUnlock is simpler than your expectation!

Please note: All data on the iOS device will be erased after the screen passcode gets removed successfully.

What's New? Tech Specification
new features in lastest version of Todo Backup Free

What's New

  • Supported bypassing iCloud Activation Lock without Apple ID and password.
  • Added a new feature of removing SIM lock.
  • Fixed some known bugs.

How to Use EaseUS MobiUnlock?

Remove iOS device passcodes as simple as 3 steps.

STEP 1: Connect iOS device and enter Recovery Mode
Make sure the device is well connected to this PC, then follow the guide to enter Recovery Mode.
STEP 2: Download and verify firmware
The program will detect the device version number and type, you can select a firmware on this PC or download a new one from the network, the program will verify this firmware automatically.
STEP 3: Unlock this device
Click Unlock and enter the verification code to start. Just wait and everthing will be done by itself.

EaseUS MobiUnlock

Effortlessly unlock iPhone, iPad, or iPod without passcode.

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For Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7

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