Disk cloning

Disk cloning is a category of software which copies the contents of one computer hard disk to another or into an "image" (a file). Often, the contents of the first disk are written to an image file as an intermediate step, and the second disk is loaded with the contents of the image. This procedure is also useful when moving to a larger capacity disk.

Disk clone is not only for backup, but also for data recovery sometimes. There are two kinds of data on hard disk, one is system-readable, which means you can see them in partition and do any operation on them, like modify, deletion or hide; another is recoverable data, which means the data that have been deleted or formatted maybe by mistake or virus affection, etc.

The normal disk/partition clone software usually just clones system-readable data. This can only be used for common backup. However, EaseUS Disk Copy Home can clone exactly duplication disk, including system-readable data and recoverable data. The sector by sector copy makes cloned disk completely intact. That means you will never lose any data even the system neglected.

Step-by-step disk clone instruction: How to clone hard disk with EaseUS Disk Copy Home?

Advanced Cloning - EaseUS Todo Backup

Compared with 1 TB disk clone by EaseUS Disk Copy, EaseUS Todo Backup supports to clone entire disk to another (up to 2 TB) and keep your data safe with a new cloned one, and upgrade disk to a larger one without reinstalling operating systems and applications. It also provides file by file clone without data loss. Compare with the integrality of data through sector by sector clone, file by file clone is faster because it is only based on the files. What's more, EaseUS Todo Backup provides easy-to-use interface to clone your hard drive in Windows environment without creating a bootable CD. The following is how to clone hard drive with EaseUS Todo Backup.

Download backup software

1. Launch EaseUS Todo Backup.

2. Select Disk clone.

Select Disk Clone

3. Select source disk you want to clone.

Select Source Disk

4. Select the destination disk. You can also tick "Sector by sector clone" option to do sector-by-sector clone, it can clone all sectors from source disk to destination disk.

Select Destination Disk

5. Preview your source disk and destination disk after cloning


6. Click Proceed to clone hard disk.

Clone Hard Disk

Tips: 1. If the source disk contains the system partition, please shut down the computer after clone.

2. To make the computer boot normally, if the source disk contains boot partition, you need to remove either the source disk or destination disk from the computer.

3. If you want to boot from the destination disk, we recommend you to replace the source disk with the destination disk.

4. If the computer fails to boot from the destination disk after clone, we suggest you clone the source disk to another disk with the same HDD interface.

5. If you choose to clone a hidden partition, the cloned one is unhidden.

Besides disk & partition clone, EaseUS Todo Backup also provides file & folder backup and restore, hard drive partition backup & restore, automatic backup and incremental backup to fully protect your hard disk drive data.

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