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Transfer OS, Data, Files from an Old Computer to a New One

2014-08-25 15:40:25 Posted by Hana Lee to PC Transfer

The all-to-one solution for OS transfer and computer change: covers system migration, partition management, files and software transfer, erase old computer’s privacy.

IBM/Dell release a new PC with high performance and configuration, which is so attracting. Or you are tired to endure your PC's slow speed after 3-years usage etc. So you change your computer. The dazzling swift (including faster processing, more memory, enhanced graphics) of the new computer inspires you indeed. Meanwhile, the joy is followed by the trouble. Everyone has to experience the tedious and necessary PC changing process: buy computer-> install operating system-> manage the partitions-> copy the data and reinstall programs on the new PC-> remove all information from the old computer. Every part of the process is not easy to handle, the below, we will introduce a Windows transfer assistant you successfully set up the new computer.

Part1: How to Migrate the System like Windows7 from the Old Computer to the New One.

How to Migrate Old System like Windows7 from Old Computer to New Computer.Maybe you upgraded from Window XP to Windows7 last year, and don’t plan to spend the whole afternoon to reinstall Windows7. And you wonder if there some way to migrate a system from an old computer to the new computer like data movement. Yeah, there exists the system migration way- Recover old OS on another computer.

We talk about recovery, not directly copying from one PC to another. The people also thought of many methods like installing the old hard disk into the new PC or directly copying the system to a new computer. The 1st method doesn’t transfer system, but that’ s the solution to move data to a new computer. The 2nd method does not work.
There are some transfer tools can support to clone system and transfer to the new SSD on the new PC. Todo Backup Workstation is one of them. With the tool, firstly we backup the old system -> Create WinPE-> New computer come into WinPE-> Recovery old system on new computers.

Transfer Windows7 or Windows8 to a New Computer with Todo Backup Workstation

1).Run the program on your old computer, and backup the system image with the cloud or USB. After you install Todo Backup, it will mention to create WinPE, which will be used later. And copy the WinPE to USB or other movable hard drive.

Transfer windows7 from the old computer to new one

2).Start the WinPE on the new computer through USB, now you could see the interface of Todo Backup. Choose "Recover to dissmblar hardware", then search for the old system image, just click "Next". After restarting the computer, it will start to recover the old system on new computer until it finishes. If your computer hasn’t been restarted, the way still works, but make sure the hard disk isn’t ruined.

Recover windows7 on another computer

Part2: Partition a Hard Disk and Create a New Partition.

When we talk about "drives" labeled C:, D:, we're actually talking about partitions, sections of the physical drive. After you install one new system or migrate the system, by default the new computer have one partition named C: on the whole hard drive. Before we can use the new computer. we need to partition the hard disk into 3-4 partitions, it's up to our demand. In windows7, you could manually manage your partition with Disk Management, it’s little case to search the articles introducing how to use it. We recommend you the Partition Master Free, which can fast create one partition or partition a hard disk. Run the Partition Master Free on your computer and choose the disk(if you have over one disk). Resize the C:, then produce empty space and smaller C:. Edit the empty space to 2-3 partition.

Besides creating the partition, the programs could help you to delete, resize/move, merge, split, wipe or format partitions, it also supports to copy the partition and recover the lost or deleted partition.

Partition a Hard Disk

Part3: Transfer the data and Software to New Computer.

After you install the system and finish the partition management, moving files and software is another huge task. No matter upgrading system from Windows7 to Windows8, or changing to a new computer, more or less we need transfer data or software to new one. Todo PCTrans Free is free tools, it could move data and software from one PC to another. Run the programs on two PCs and select the files and programs, then transfer. Click here to learn how to transfer data, setting, programs to a new computer.

 ALT: Files transfer software- transfer software to the new computer.

Part4: To Protect the Privacy, Erase the Old Computer's Hard Drive

Come on! We will finish the long process after cleaning up all information on the old computer. Before dealing with the old PC, please consider the hard drive still store websites’ passwords, e-mails account, programs and sensitive information etc... Deleting files, reformatting a drive, or deleting the partitions doesn't truly erase its data. We need Partition Master Free to erase the drive and permanently remove the files from the old computer. Launch the program and select the disk, then right click the checked disk to choose "Wipe Data". Just 3 steps to protect your privacy.  

Wipe out the hard drive