Free disk doctor freeware to recover your data

What will a disk doctor data recovery freeware mean to you? Probably nothing for most of the time, but hard disk crashes do happen due to a number of reasons, physical hard disk failure or logical failure, and it may cause great pain in data loss. In this situation, a free disk doctor data recovery software like EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard will be able to prevent your crucial data from eternal loss and help to do hard drive crash recovery.

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Hard drive crash symptoms

When you bump into any of the following symptoms with your computer, you're face to face with hard disk crash issue:

1. Computer failed to boot
2. Blue Screen when power on
3. System keeps rebooting again and again or just hangs/freezes
5. Error messages like "Drive not formatted" or "Operating system not found"
6. Crunching noises when hard drive working

What to do with hard drive crash?

After you detected the hard drive crash problem from the symptoms, the first thing to do is to tell whether it is caused by physical hard drive failure or logical failure.

Mechanism hard drive crash including heads sticking to disk platters, head crash, spindle motor system failure and PCB failure and so on, these may caused by many reasons like dust, water damage, humidity, temperature. In this case, you should immediately shut down the system and go to a real disk doctor for professional data recovery service since any further operation by yourself may cause permanent data loss.

On the other hand, if it is logical hard drive crash, say your hard drive is physically healthy and is detected by the BIOS of your computer, just it cannot be accessed, you may save yourself the trouble and expense of going to a real professional disk doctor and choose a disk doctor data recovery software instead, or even better - hard drive crash recovery freeware.

Fix logical hard drive crash with disk doctor data recovery freeware

In case of a hard drive crash, to protect your data from any further damage, please:

  • 1. Stop doing any operation on the hard drive.
  • 2. Do not try reinstallation on the crashed hard drive.
  • 3. Shut down the machine immediately if it is the system hard drive, then remove the crashed hard drive and connect it to another healthy system; download EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard freeware to scan and recover the data first since data security is of the most important. Or you may buy the commercial version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard, and create a bootable CD to recover data from the crashed hard drive.

Disk doctor hard drive crash recovery freeware

Under a logical hard drive crash, the disk is physically healthy while only the data cannot be accessed. Most commonly, it is caused by human operation error, software malfunction, and virus attacks etc. Thus, as long as the data stays intact on the disk, it can be recovered by using reliable disk doctor data recovery software. Please follow the user guide of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and recover data from hard drive after crash or damage.

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