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Undo quick format hard disk

Quick format and regular format

Before talking about how to undo disk quick format, you should know what quick format is. The most common used formatting to format a hard drive is regular format i.e. complete format and quick format. The difference between the regular format and the quick format is whether the volume will scan the bad sectors by using the CHKDSK command or not. Regular format will scan the disk for bad sectors while quick format will not.

Do you want to undo disk quick format?

Do you want to undo quick format NTFS drive no matter it was NTFS or was formatted to be NTFS and get files back from the quick formatted drive? We noticed that there are many computer users who did quick format on the wrong disk and then lost files. Some did the quick format when reinstall Windows Operating System, some did the quick format by accident, some formatted the hard drive then realized there were important files on the quick formatted drive.

Is there any chance of file recovery for quick formatting? As we know quick format does not erase data, it just modifies how the disc is seen by windows. It does this by destroying the FAT table and re-writes the boot sector. Or mainly emptied the contents of the bitmap, the root directory index, and some other changes accordingly of NTFS. As the data is still there, what you need is a free data recovery software to undo disk quick format.

Whenever you realized the wrong quick format, you should stop immediately and leave the quick formatted drive alone. Never do any changes on that drive again to stop the files from overwritten.

Undo disk quick format to recover formatted data

EaseUS aims to develop easy-to-use and user-friendly software. Data Recovery Wizard is such a kind of software. To get the quick formatted files back, in-depth knowledge of computer is not needed.

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There are three modules in Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition as the picture shows below. "Deleted File Recovery" is for recovering deleted data; "Partition Recovery" is for recovering data from lost or damaged partition; and "Complete Recovery" is for unformat files from formatted hard drive disk, files after system crash, etc. To undo disk quick format, you should choose the "Complete Recovery" module.

Undo disk quick format
Use Complete Recovery to undo disk format

For more details of how to undo disk quick format, please refer to How to recover files after format?

When you quick format and recover formatted ntfs/fat drive through third party data recovery software; EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Edition is reliable unformat software to undo disk quick format for you.

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